Egypt Misses Mubarak مصر بدون مبارك

It didn’t take the military long to get back to their old tricks. A lot of people hated how I wasn’t against Hussni Mubarak during the Egyptian revolution: in my opinion, he was better than all the other Arab leaders whom were facing the same uprises in their countries (namely Tunis & Libya). He respected his people. He did not use the armed forces against them. And he left power peacefully.

It doesn’t take much to know that I was in the minority. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t respect Mubarak’s statement when he said that he’ll never ever leave Egypt no matter what.

And he didn’t. He is facing a humiliating and biased legal battle, in which he was stripped of all his presidential respect & honor. And yet, he is still in Egypt.

I’m really sad to hear of this recent military warning towards Egyptian citizens. I do feel that the people should wait till at least after the new elections to start protesting again. Then again, these were the same people who for 30 years were super silent and accepting of all “atrocities and injustices” dealt to them. Now all of a sudden, they find themselves drunk in their joy and euphoria of overthrowing the Tyrant. Now that they had a taste of power, they will be protesting Every Single Thing, from now on.

I bet a lot of people are feeling nostalgic to the old Mubarak days. My opinion will always be VIVA Mubarak.

To read the full article, head over to Al-Jareeda.


Victoria Beckham Gives Birth to a New Baby Girl

I had just posted a picture, a few hours ago, of a very pregnant Victoria Beckham who was well into her 9 long pregnancy months, wearing a pair of very high heels. I guess I was lucky I posted that at the time I did, because now we get the news that Vic\Posh has already delivered a beautiful baby girl.

Victoria & David Beckham already have three previous sons, since they got married in 1999. No name has been chosen yet for the new baby girl.

As a side note, it turns out that Victoria Beckham & Kate Hudson delivered their babies in the same hospital. I wonder if they babies will grow up to be play mates. IMO, I think they totally would.

Rihanna’s Stage Catches Fire During Her Concert

This happened in Dallas, TX, during Rihanna’s concert in the American Airlines Center; which is also where Britney Spears, Sade, and John Legend are having their concerts at in the next few days.

Had the Best Steak Sandwich at Quiznos Kuwait

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I just had one of the best steak sandwiches ever, at the newly opened Quiznos in Salmiya. I had heard about the place from Mark.

Quiznos has an extensive menu of beef\chicken\tuna\cheese sandwiches (both italian and flat bread ones), soups and salads. There were three of us and we all ordered steak-based sandwiches; all with different combinations, breads and sauces. And we all loved our sandwiches. I loved it so much, I ordered an extra sandwich to go.

What’s so good about Quiznos is that the whole sandwich is grilled to order, right in front of you. And what I personally liked was their unique and tasty sauces. This is why I loved Quiznos so much. They had a great selection; like peppercorn, chipotle, bourbon mustard, garlic sauce, ranch, and honey mustard.

We also ordered two kinds of soup and two kinds of salad. I wouldn’t order them again, just because the sandwiches were so amazing and filling on their own. We ended the meal with some of the best cookies I’ve ever had in Kuwait, especially the chocolate chip one. We all fought for them, they were really good.

We also got to meet the owner; Mr. Abul-Lateef Al-Se3eed, who gave us a complimentary salad. He let us in on a little secret: the bread is not made in Kuwait! That’s why it’s so tasty. The softness and quality of the bread is what first impresses you with that first bite.

He also told us of another secret: they’re opening a takeout\delivery branch in Qurtoba by 3eed time, in addition to a Mahboula branch towards the year end. That’s great news, because Salmiya is too far for some of us. Super great ood luck Abdul-Lateef, may you have the best of success.

We had ordered 2 small soups, 2 small salads, 2 small sandwiches, one large sandwich, 2 cokes, one iced-tea, and 3 cookies; for KD 9.850.

You can find Quiznos on Salem Al-Mubarak St., behind Olympia Mall and in the same building as Buffalos. Their Tel # is 2574-9660, and you can also find them on Twitter at Quiznos_kw.

I apologize for the quality of the pics, I didn’t have my camera with me, and I didn’t know the iPhone4 was this bad. All the pics looked great when I took them, they just turned bad when I viewed them on the computer. Go figure. Sorry anyways.

Social Media Club Is Now in Kuwait

I just came from my first ever event with the Kuwaiti branch of the international “Social Media Club”. They were nice enough to invite us for breakfast.

I got to meet a lot of exciting people there; like TV presenter Hessa Al-Mulla, Social Media Queen Hind Al-Naheth, and VIVA’s Head of Communications Ms. Sara.

It’s nice to see people take social media professionally like this. I’ll have a more detailed post later on inshalla.

Good luck guys, wishing you all the best inshalla.

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The United Nations Development Program Is Now in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, 28 June (UNDP Kuwait) – The United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait (UNDP Kuwait) has registered and launched its Twitter account at @UNDPKuwait.
The account is set to make information about the organization’s on-going projects available and create a forum from which the public can have an understanding of UNDP Kuwait’s work, aspirations, initiatives and goals.
The Twitter account can be found at:
UNDP is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 166 countries, working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges. As they develop local capacity, they draw on the people of UNDP and our wide range of partners.
You can get in touch with UNDP-Kuwait online, via their twitter account, or by contacting their communications specialist, Mr. Nasser Al-Qatami.

The UNDP is an important, prestigious, and internationally respected organization. I feel so proud that Kuwait has now joined in on the program. All the best to the Kuwaiti team.
Thanks to Nasser Al-Qatami for the press release.

The Syrian Ambassador Sues 20 Kuwaities

I have no comment at all, the title says it all. This was reported in today’s Al-Siyassa newspaper.

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Villa Moda Al-Manshar Under Foreclosure فيلا مودا المنشر تحت التصفية بأمر المحكمة


اليوم كنا راييحين المنشر نتعشى في جوني روكتس(اللي للأسف طلع مزحوم أكثر من المساجد وقت صلاة الجمعة)، فاضطرينا نتمشى لفندق المنشر شود تعجبنا اللوبي مالته و نقعد فيها… المهم و إحنا هناك، إكتشفنا إنه فيلا مودا المنشر مسكر… و هذا شي متوقع و عادي، بحكم مشاكل الشيخ ماجد مع المجموعة الجديدة اللي شروا فيلا مودا

لكن الغريب إنه حكم الإغلاق هذا اهو بأمر المحكمة، و بناء على طلب التمدين… اللي معناه إنه فيلا مودا مادفعوا أجار المكان من مدة طويلة، والا شان الموضوع ماوصل للمحاكم…. تتوقعون أكو بضاعة داخل؟ ما أتصور، لول، والا شان التسوق هناك بعد الإخلاء يسوى

حسافة على فيلا مودا… على مشاكلهم من: إشاعات إنه أغراضهم تقليد، إلين بضايع مواسم قديمة، إلين تضخم أسعار مبالغ فيها… يظل المكان وايد حلو، حق اللي يبي يتسوق حق كذا شغلة(رجالي، نسائي، أطفال، هدايا، كاجوال) بنفس الوقت

أنا مادري عنكم، بس أنا وحدة متحسفة إنه ماركات فيلا مودا محظفين تحظف في مجمع ٣٦٠…. الواحد يلف سبع لفات إن بغى يمر عليهم كلهم بنفس الوقت