Are the 80’s Back?

It sure sounds like the good old 80’s are back. LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem just made it to the top of the billboard 100. When I first heard the song, then saw it, I felt it was some kind of joke. It was just too silly to be taken seriously, not with that awful dancing going on.


A Dedication to Lonely Lovers اهداء عبداللطيف الكويتي

Don’t shoot me. This ain’t my style of song at all, even though I like and respect oldies.

My friend’s in love, and sent me this song (and begged me to post it) as a dedication (اهداء) to all lonely lovers out there. Consider yourselves lucky, the crap she had me listen to the past two days is deafening (esmella 3ala athani).

Again, don’t shoot me.

Old personal ads

Check out these old personals, especially the one  in the right hand corner, super hilarious.

Old TV commercial for watches

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Apple’s first TV ad

Wow… I guess Apple has always been cool, right from the very start.

This commercial was made when Apple first introduced the Macintosh back in ’84. The commercial is just amazing, especially considering it was made 26 year ago!!

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