Are You Going to Glastonbury Fest. This Year?

Then you’ll be happy to know that you can recharge your mobile phones just by listening to the musical sound waves, with Orange’s special “Sound Charge” t-shirt. What a great way to use all that musical power.

U2, Coldplay, Beyonce, and Paul Simon are all part of this year’s lineup at the Glastonbury Fest. I envy anyone and everyone going there this year. You better get me a t-Shirt.



Kuna’s News Phone Service is Back خدمة كونا الإخبارية الهاتفية

Call 120, and get Kuna’s free news phone service دقوا على ١٢٠ و احصلوا على آخر الأخبار من كونا، وكالة الأنباء الكويتية الرسمية


Excellent News From VIVA تفائلوا بالخير ياعملاء فيفا!/SalmanAlBadran/status/82202249790631937

Everyone around me knows how loyal of a client I am to Zain, for almost 20 years now; but that has never stopped me from criticizing them. Zain, being the 1st ever mobile operator in Kuwait had a million advantages over its competitors, and was able to rule the market in terms of # of clients, geographical reach, coverage… etc.

All of this said, it shouldn’t deter the other Telecom companies from trying to provide better services in Kuwait. For example, I’ve always had problems with VIVA’s coverage in a lot of areas; like chale, wafra, and the airport. No matter how great VIVA is in offers, customer service, and honesty; if their network doesn’t work, not a lot of people are going to stick with them.

That’s why this new tweet by VIVA’s CEO is making me super optimistic. According to Mr. Salman Al-Badran, VIVA’s coverage issues will all be solved before the end of the month. That is like music to my ears.

I know I am from that kind of people who look at change with suspicious eyes, which is the main reason why I’m stuck with super expensive & poor customer service Zain for almost 2 decades. But still, I would love to have a VIVA phone that works anywhere I am in inside of Kuwait; be it chale, Garrouh, Wafra, or anywhere else.

Excellent news VIVA. I’m looking forward to your complete coverage, may you have great luck in this endeavor.

The Best iPhone Offer in Kuwait – Free from VIVA

Yesterday I posted about Zain’s attractive iPhone offer. Now it seems that VIVA has come up with a much more amazing offer.

Check it out. You get the white iPhone 4 for free. VIVA’s offer beats Zain’s in both # of free minutes and messages, AND you get a free Golden VIP number on top of all this too.

iPhone4 Prices from Zain Kuwait


Pic of iPhone 5

The design looks nice and sleek, not a bad design at all. Kindly remember this is a rumored design, not an official Apple design pic.

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What Are Zain Upto at the 360?

Zain is having something special over at the 360º Mall, called Zain City, from May 22-28. I wonder what it is. The 360º is already crowded enough, without having a huge corporate event there. But them again, it might not be an exhibition. I guess we’ll find out in a few days.

Linux Celebrates 20 Years

This post goes to one of my friends, the only one I know who uses Linux. He’s been using it for years. I’m going to venture and say for something close to 12 years so far.

With Linux, I feel so outdated with technology; even though I’ve been an avid early Mac user from way back in the stone age day. Anyways, congratulations Linux and baby Android and may you have a Happy 20th.

More info can be found over at the Linux Foundation.