I Take My Hat Off to Al-Qabas والله و سويتوها يا قبس، انتوا على راسي من فوق

I had posted before about Al-Qabas’ bold publishing.

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But with this picture, I can honestly say: Hats Off to Al-Qabas. Way to go throwing out bigotry and close-mindedness out the door. Way to go Ya Qabas.

Check out the pic on Al-Qabas’ page 13 today.


One Beautiful Picture

Am I the only one who thinks this is one very beautiful picture? I can’t figure out what’s more beautiful, Maryam Al-Jouaan in the South Pole, or the Kuwaiti Flag flying over it.

From Al-Qabas, page 59. You can also find other articles about Maryam, over at Kuna’s and at Osrati Magazine.

Good Morning Kuwait

I found this beautiful picture on twitter, and thought of sharing it here.

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Pics of Last Night’s Mighty Hail Snow Storm

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Last night around 3 a.m., Kuwait got one of its strongest hail storms ever. The hail was so big, came down hard, and made noises so loud everyone on the street woke up.

It lasted around 10-15 minutes, and the grounds got covered with a blanket of whiteness. It was so beautiful. I took a few pics, but as usual, I’m not a good night photographer. But I at least managed to take a few pictures for memory’s sake.

Pictures of Tonight’s Rain

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I’m trying to take better pictures at night, so I took the opportunity to try and shoot tonight’s rain in hopes of getting better. I wasn’t able to take good pictures of the rain, beacuse it just won’t stop moving enough for my shutter to capture it. I leave you with the mess of  pictures I took.

What a wasted effort, I know that. But I’m still super happy with the rain though.

Funky Old Classic Car on Kuwaiti Roads

Thank you so much for the wonderful sweet driver who allowed us to take pictures of his lovely car, and was even nice enough to pose for the camera. Thank You.

Best Egyptian picture ever أحلى صورة لأحداث مصر

Picture taken from Kiafan 5.

Jeddah Flood Rains in Pictures

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Pictures taken from here & here. This is a terrifying situation, it’s very serious and very dangerous; I don’t know how this could’ve happened in a country like Saudi Arabia.

You can check the Saudi blog, New Vision, she has more than a dozen updates on the flood rain disaster.

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