Amazing Solar Eclipse pictures from all around the world

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Here are some beautiful pictures of yesterday’s solar eclipse, from all around the world. I myself didn’t watch this one, since the last one I saw a few years back was too scary for me. Anyways, I hope those of you who watched it had fun.


7ijab 2011

Prince William’s official engagement portraits


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World’s largest digital picture @ 152 Giga Pixel

This is the largest digital picture in the world, and it’s 152 Giga Pixel.

As you can see it’s a panoramic picture of the city of Rio de Janeiro, you can check out the picture here.

I zoomed in on the giant statue of Jesus (which isn’t even visible in the panoramic picture), just to give you an idea of how big this picture really is.

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Lost in Translation

His & Hers in the market

The pic is so cute and a nice tribute to his&hers q8 🙂

Difference between us and animals

I’ve got to warn you, the pictures are disgusting. Shame on you ya human being bil esm bs!!

Iran: the before and after pics

Different pictures from Iran, from before & after the Islamic revolution. Pictures from sport, family, kids, love, and formal functions.