I have to admit I’m loving the weather these days. I was trying to go to chale every time the weather wasn’t dusty, so I’m been coming here quite a lot during weekdays. But even with that, I have to confess it’s been fun and lovely.

It turns out a lot of people do come on weekdays, especially college kids, so the sea isn’t actually quite empty or deserted. I’m loving it.

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Temperature in Jlai3a

I just got to Jlai3a, and this is the heat over here. The temperature is only 36 degrees. How cool is that!

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My Beach Buddies

Speakers, camera, drinks, book, beach, beautiful sea… These are all necessities of a great day.

I woke this morning to the unmistakable humidity smell. That spells a great beach day for me. A quick breakfast at McDonald’s seaside confirmed the perfect water. This meant chale and beach time.

With all the dust we’ve been getting, it’s a wonder to have a good beach day; so might as well enjoy it to the max whenever we can.

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Review of the Fish Market Restaurant in Salmiya

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This is the original Fish Market restaurant, before the big fancy one of Americana opened up near Kuwait Towers. I’ve been going to this place for years, ever since it only had 6 tables. The food there is amazing, everything is cooked to perfection.

You know the fish and other sea food is fresh, because you get to pick it fresh from the piles right in front of you. You choose the fish, shrimp, scampi, crab you want; and tell them how you want it cooked. You can also order off the menu; like pasta dishes, salads, oriental, rice, and other side dishes.

This time we got lucky, and found fresh Scampi. These are not easy to find in Kuwait, let alone fresh like this. We had a grilled She3em, a fried Zbaidi, Lobster & Scampi with mushroom cheese sauce, salad, fries, and fried rice. Our bill was approx. KD40 for 2 people, which is a little expensive. But it’s pretty reasonable when you eat fresh fish like this.

Their phone number is 2575-5522. This Fish Market is located in Salmiya, at the entrance of Salem Al-Mubarak St. If you’re coming from the 4th Ring Road, then it’ll be right in front of you, just past the traffic light, on the right side beside the parking lot. Here’s a map to show you where it is exactly.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone

The weather is amazing, sunny but with a cool breeze. Have a great weekend evveryone, just don’t go out to sea today, it looks like it’s going to be wavy today.

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Going Fishing

I’m going to take advantage of today’s beautiful weather and venture out to sea for some good 7adag.

Don’t pay too much attention to my pic here, I usually catch much bigger fish. Hoevere, this small fish nagged the hell out of me when scuba diving a couple of years ago… She even latched on to me when I got back on the boat. So serves her right elsara7a (I threw her back at sea btw).

Anyways, have a great weekend. Thank god the weather is ok, we can finally start to enjoy our sea and beach. Make sure you have fun today.

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Fun Parasailing in Kuwait

Today my friends tried parasailing, and they had an amazing time. I’ll try to write a proper post when I get the chance.

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Details of Roads Closed, Parking, and Buses for Today’s Carnival Parade

Gulf Road from Haroun Al-Rasheed to 3rd Ring Road, will be closed from midnight.

Gulf Road between 3rd Ring Road and Soor St. (British Embassy) will be closed from 12 noon.

Also, all roads leading to Gulf Road from between the 3rd Ring Road to Soor St (British Embassy) will be closed all day Sunday (not sure from what time).

The public will watch the carnival on Gulf Road from the 3rd Rind Road intersection till the British Embassy’s intersection, making it a pedestrian and parade only road.

All parking on Gulf Road will be closed except for:

  • She3eb Park parking.
  • Green Island (for the elderly and handicapped only).
  • Enginerrs & Lawyers Societies parking and surrounding land.
  • Souq Sharq parking and sourounding land.

There will be public buses to transport people from co-ops and the Ice Skating rink to Gulf Road:

  • From She3eb, Hawalli, and De3eya Co-Ops to the 3rd Ring Road intersection on Gulf Road.
  • From Qadsiya, Mansouriya, and Dasma Co-Ops to the 2nd Ring Road intersction on Gulf Road.
  • From Sharq and bnaid Al-Gar Co-Ops And the Ice Skating Rink to Engineers\Lawyers scoieties’ intersection on Gulf Road.

The Carnival Parade is expected to be awesome, with more than 90 different participants.

Jet Fighters from Kuwait’s liberation war will be there, as well as the Coast Guard’s amazing hovercraft .

Don’t miss the fun.