Villa Moda Al-Manshar Under Foreclosure فيلا مودا المنشر تحت التصفية بأمر المحكمة


اليوم كنا راييحين المنشر نتعشى في جوني روكتس(اللي للأسف طلع مزحوم أكثر من المساجد وقت صلاة الجمعة)، فاضطرينا نتمشى لفندق المنشر شود تعجبنا اللوبي مالته و نقعد فيها… المهم و إحنا هناك، إكتشفنا إنه فيلا مودا المنشر مسكر… و هذا شي متوقع و عادي، بحكم مشاكل الشيخ ماجد مع المجموعة الجديدة اللي شروا فيلا مودا

لكن الغريب إنه حكم الإغلاق هذا اهو بأمر المحكمة، و بناء على طلب التمدين… اللي معناه إنه فيلا مودا مادفعوا أجار المكان من مدة طويلة، والا شان الموضوع ماوصل للمحاكم…. تتوقعون أكو بضاعة داخل؟ ما أتصور، لول، والا شان التسوق هناك بعد الإخلاء يسوى

حسافة على فيلا مودا… على مشاكلهم من: إشاعات إنه أغراضهم تقليد، إلين بضايع مواسم قديمة، إلين تضخم أسعار مبالغ فيها… يظل المكان وايد حلو، حق اللي يبي يتسوق حق كذا شغلة(رجالي، نسائي، أطفال، هدايا، كاجوال) بنفس الوقت

أنا مادري عنكم، بس أنا وحدة متحسفة إنه ماركات فيلا مودا محظفين تحظف في مجمع ٣٦٠…. الواحد يلف سبع لفات إن بغى يمر عليهم كلهم بنفس الوقت

360 Mall Wins International Award مجمع ٣٦٠ يفوز بجائزة عالمية


مجمع ٣٦٠ فاز بوحدة من أهم الجوائز العالمية اللي في مجال تجارة التجزئة….. ألف مبروك للمجمع الناجح ٣٦٠ مع تمنياتنا بنجاحات أخرى لهم و لغيرهم من معالم الكويت الجميلة

360 MALL has won the Retail and Leisure International’s coveted “International Shopping Centre of the year” Award for 2011. Considered amongst the most prestigious of international awards in the retail and leisure industries, the Global Awards were presented at a glittering ceremony held at the Museum of National History, London on the 9th of June amidst an august audience of international retailers, leisure and shopping centre developers and operators.

360 MALL won the awards against three international finalists; National Harbour, Washington DC, USA, Forum Istanbul, Turkey and Odysseum, France. The award recognized the contribution made by the Shopping Centre in design and operational excellence.

Win 2 Mini Coppers With 360 Mall تسوق و اربح ميني كوبر مع مول ٣٦٠

Win Ultra- Cool Prizes this Summer at 360 MALL2 Mini Coopers and several Apple Gadgets up for Grabs

360 MALL Summer Promotion is kicking off today! For every 15KD spent at any of the 85 participating stores, you get the chance of winning 2 Mini Coopers, Iphones, Ipads, or Mac book air laptops. Upon presenting your receipt to 360 MALL Customer Service staff, you can claim your coupon and enter the draw.

The promotion duration is from 6th of June to the 5th of July with the first draw being held on the 20th of June and the second on the 7th of July.

So escape the heat and enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment at 360 MALL’s luxurious shopping environment and you may win fabulous prizes.

Harvey’s 5th Anniversary

It’s been 5 years since Harvey Nichols opened in Dubai. The windows look amazing, and the whole walls are filled with glittery mosaic.

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So Unexpected

I so didn’t expect to see these in Kuwait. Ya7lailna walah.

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Make Up For Ever boutique opens in Kuwait

The professional makeup place, Make Up For Ever, has just opened up it’s first boutique in Avenues.

Is Villa Moda closing down?

I haven’t been to Vila Moda since before Ramadan, so I didn’t know they were closing down.

A friend of mine went there yesterday, and told me that the place looks deserted, everything is on sale, no new collection on display, and that the place was under clearance. I was shocked to say the least, since I hadn’t heard a thing.

Another of my friends went there today, and I hadn’t told her that the place was closing down. She immediately bbd me telling me something odd was happening. Everything is on sale, and all the materials are from old collections. She told me that Gucci has closed down, and that it’s now being used to display Lebanese party dresses. Prada men has closed down, and Tom Ford was opening in its place.

This is sad. Vila Moda was one of my favorite shopping destinations.

Encounter with a Falcon in City Center Bahrain

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I met this really gorgeous Falcon in City Center today. It was beautiful, very well behaved, and an absolute delight to look at.

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