Vive Le Canada من قدكم يالكنديين

You gotta love the Brits. They just spread that respect so wide, that you’re obliged to respect them back. I ain’t Canadian, but if I were, I would definitely be charmed by the Duchess of Cambridge wearing my national leaf.

Just look at Kate Middleton’s hat with the Canadian Maple leaf, I bet that got the heart of every Canadian pumping with pride.


A Super Great Offer From Jazeera for Maidan Hotel Dubai

3 nights plus ticket per person, 4 free visit to Atlantis water park, free all-day huttle to Dubai Mall & Mall of Emirates, free session at shooting range, and free wifi.  Source

Kuwait Airways Still Got Game

A round trip ticket to Doha and back on Kuwait Airways is 100 dinars cheaper than the same ticket-same dates on Qatar Airways. Way to go Kuwait Airways.


Cool 7ijab Cover for Travel كاب الربطة بدل الحجاب للسفر

محتاره بالسفر شتلبسين حجاب ولا   كاب و سكارف عندنا الحل و لا توهقين  لا تكويين و لا تحتارين (كاب الربطه) عملي و مريح عن تجربه و منه ألوان للأستفساراتصلوا على ٦٦٦٦٥٠٦٠ راويه – أم عبدالله

Jazeera Airways Starts Flying to Cairo

Jazeera Airways will start flying to Cairo, starting May 18.

Daily Flights
40 Kilos in weight
Free meal onboard

One of the Most Amazing Travel Blogs You’ll Ever Encounter travel blog is truly unique, and is 100% locally produced. It belongs to a young Kuwaiti man who is very worldly, liberal, well-travelled, a music guru, and just a damn fine good human being. And he also happens to have one of the most popular music blogs in the whole world, and the #1 MidEast blog, Loft965.

Naser Al-Qatami started his own-stand-alone travel blog, aptly called Flight965, around the beginning of the year. I’ve been an avid follower, though silent, right from the start. The blog reads like a magazine, and the layout is a very amusing. You scroll through posts horizentally versus the regular up-and-down motion we’re all used to.

Anyways, about the blog; it’s a great source for some real hands-on experience in far fetched travel destinations. Plus, the blog has some amazing categories, I love how they’re split up. You’ve got: Hotels, Gadgets, Destinations, Offers…etc. each category is definitely worthy of a lengthy visit.

Naser is a fan of travel. Let me correct that, is a HUGE FAN of travel. He’s already been to more than 50-60-70 countries so far, I lost count of how many countries he already visited. And has a great writing style, he really can describe his travel escapades in a very charming and engaging way, a way that will make you wish you went there too.

Check out this new blog. It’s already a huge success, and is being labeled as one of the best ME travel blogs\sites. This quote is from

So, bookmark it. Add it to your RSS feed. Follow the updates on Twitter. “Like” us on Facebook. is coming your way and it’s going to be big!

Btw, I’m counting on my dear travel loving readers; the likes of Laguna, Om Totta, Faith, New Vision, Nivine, Indes, and Babble for a proper site check up. Don’t worry, you won’t regret taking a gander look at Flight965. I haven’t 😉

Check out my previous praising here and here.

Google Doodles 50th Anniversary of Humans in Space

The Russian Yuri Gagarian was the first human to travel to space, and it happened on April 12th 1961.

This is the link to Time magazine cover story on Gagarian, published 9 days after his historic flight. It makes me wish I lived during those historic 60’s.

From Leningrad to Petropavlovsk, the U.S.S.R. came to a halt. Streetcars and buses stopped so that passengers could listen to loudspeakers in public squares. Factory workers shut off their machines; shopgirls quit their counters. Schoolkids turned eagerly from the day’s lessons. Somewhere above them, a Soviet citizen was arcing past the stars, whirling about the earth at 18,000 miles an hour, soaring into history as the first man in space.

Didn’t Like What Happened Today

I thought Dubai was anal about following rules. Guess I was wrong.

Rude, annoying, insulting, demeaning are all adjectives that come to my mind today.

Viva Burj “Khalifa”.

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