Kuwait’s Temperature

A reader sent me this. 55 degress!!

Thx Ahmad


This Was Taken Yesterday: 53 Degrees Heat is Already Here

I guess we don’t have to wait for the weekend to see 53° degree heat. One of my readers, Shadi, took this yesterday at 1.16 p.m., ouch, that’s hot. I do hope that no one suffered from heat strokes or dehydration.

Check my post about this weekend’s super hot weather, and be careful. 

Thx Shadi for the pic.

53 Degree Hot Burning Kuwaiti Weekend

It looks like we’re going to have 53° this weekend. Make sure you hydrate well, stay inside between 11 am and 3-4 pm, wear strong sun protection, and appropriate headwear and clothes.

My Baby After it’s Bath


What a royal shame. The day I decide to give my baby a good scrubbing is the day we get 40 km\hr dust winds. Look at my baby. There isn’t a trace of cleanliness anywhere on it.

But seriously speaking. I am more interested in its interior cleanliness; seat washing, carpet shampooing, and all the rest of interior cleaning works. Well, I got the car back and it only cost me KD 20, which is  a damn great price. But hey, you get what you pay for.

Ok, here’s what I like: The seats, the carpets, the dashboard, and the steering wheel are all polished and shiny and back to their original colors; especially the carpets and seats. The wax scratches on the exterior are now gone; the car has a faint, but beautiful, shiny body. I love the price and the fast friendly service. They even asked us to get the car back to them when the dust settles down, so that they could give it a good polish.

Now here’s what I didn’t like: The seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and A\C vents are all greasy and shiny; they look like they’ve been oiled. And the car has a weird “air freshener” smell. For someone who hates perfume and only likes great quality dehen 3oud; I found the smell sickening.

I’m going to need a couple of good clothes and a vacuum to get over those small negative stuff, and I’m hoping that the smell will fade away in a day or so.

Sorry I couldn’t get any interior pics, the weather is just too damn dusty. I’ll update the post with interior pics once I get the chance to.

Picture of the Day صورة اليوم و كل يوم


Temperature in Jlai3a

I just got to Jlai3a, and this is the heat over here. The temperature is only 36 degrees. How cool is that!

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Schools and Universities Cancelled Today

Kids should stay home, the ministry has cancelled all schools for today, on account of the strong duststorm. Kuwait University also cancelled today’s lectures.

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Stay Home Today: Strong Dust Outside

It’s pretty dusty outside. Visibility is almost nonexistent. If you don’t have to go out, I strongly suggest you stay home today.

Kids should definitely stay home today.

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