The Wind Has Started To Pick Up

Be careful, the winds is getting stronger, and the dust started to blow stronger too.

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Ako Wela Mako Sandstorm?

الخبر عند القبس

The Ministry of Interior says there IS a sandstorm coming our way, weather forcasts also predict forceful gales, but Al-Mufareh News service says mako:!/ALMuFarreh_News/status/54168541351514112

Yayna elMo6ar

I hope elsaraya reaches us in Kuwait. everybody loves the rain.

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Is Another Storm Headed Here Again?

According to AccuWeather (free iPad and iPod app), we’re going to have gail winds of over 70 km\hour on Monday.

In addition, a lot of news services began reporting that the M.O.Interior issued storm warnings for a 2 day storm that might start tomorrow.

So be careful when going out tomorrow, and try to have water and masks with you in your cars, just in case a duststorm does come our way.

Allah ey7afethna inshalla.

Thx Nivine for the AccuWeather App recommendation.

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Cars Running Away from Friday’s Sandstorm

I think this would be the first time, since the invasion, that cars drove in the wrong way, and it was very clever of people to run away like that.

Watch the video to the end, it’ll take you on a journey into the middle of the sandstorm. I want to warn you, it’s a little scary.

Ma7ad A7san men A7ad

This was taken in Dubai a few hours ago. Allah ey3eenhum inshalla.

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Sudden Sandstorm, Be Careful

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Pics of Last Night’s Mighty Hail Snow Storm

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Last night around 3 a.m., Kuwait got one of its strongest hail storms ever. The hail was so big, came down hard, and made noises so loud everyone on the street woke up.

It lasted around 10-15 minutes, and the grounds got covered with a blanket of whiteness. It was so beautiful. I took a few pics, but as usual, I’m not a good night photographer. But I at least managed to take a few pictures for memory’s sake.