Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel movie coming this 3eed فيلم بوقتادة و بو نبيل قادم هذا العيد على تلفزيون الوطن

فيلم بوقتادة و بونبيل (مدته ٧٤ دقيقة) بينعرض على شاشة تلفزيون الوطن هذا العيد انشاءالله… كان المفروض ينعرض بالسينما، بس الرقابة كالعادة منعته

Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel movie (74 minutes) will be shown on Watan TV this 3eed

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This makes me proud to be Kuwaiti

Al-Qabas Oct 19, 2010

Al-Jareeda Oct 19, 2010

Al-Watan Oct 19, 2010

In response to the attack on Scope TV Channel H.Q. 2 nights ago, the Niyaba is bringing in the two main prominent personalities involved in the incident, one Ambassador and one head of Airport security, for questioning.

This brings back faith in Kuwait being a country of laws, and makes me feel even more prouder to be a Kuwaiti.

8 watch ads in Al-Watan vs 6 two days ago

I posted two days ago about the huge number of watch ads in Al-Watan newspaper, which were 6 ads the other day. Today’s Al-Watan has an eve bigger ad numbers, at 8. I still don’t get the fuss about watches. I’m sure there are other better gift\accessory idea out there.

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Wana buy a new watch for 3eed?

In today’s Al-Watan’s newspaper edition, I spotted a huge number of ads for watches. Is it the new thing now? That we buy watches to celebrate 3eed or something? I counted a total of 6 ads in just one issue.

Anyone looking for a watch? I know one of my friends gave e a headache yesterday trying to decided what watch to get, I guess this post is for u H.

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Ghazi Al-Qusaibi in Kuwait’s heart الكويت لن تنسى غازي القصيبي

As most of you know by know, Dr. Ghazi Al-Qusaibi, has died yesterday morning. He was a Saudi politician, academic, ambassador, and minister. He also was a poet, an author, and a writer. More than he was one of Kuwait’s heros.

He was one of the first Arab writers to use his writing talents in the defence of Kuwait against the Iraqi Invasion in 1990. There isn’t a Kuwaiti that doesn’t know his famous patriotic Poem “أقسمت يا كويت”. It’s a very strong poem that came out during the 1st days of the invasion, at the most needed time. You can watch Al-Qusaibi recite it in the above video, that was taking in his 1st visit back to Kuwait after its liberation in 1991.

It makes me feel proud that we in Kuwait have not forgotten him, local Kuwaiti papers placed the news of his death and how big his loss is on their front page: Al-Jareeda, Al-Qabas, Al-Watan, and Al-Rai. Dr Al-Qusaibi did deserve to be on page one.

Another important community that remembered Al-Qusaibi, and paid him the respect he deserves, is the Kuwaiti blogging community. Some of the most highly followed bloggers wrote great things about the deceased: Frankom, Bait El-Grain, Bint Al-Shamiya, and ilsul6ana.

Kuwait is sad about the death of Dr. Ghazi, and he will always have a special place in our hearts.

اللهم ارحم غازي القصيبي

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Ramadan’s TV show schedule for this week on all TV channels

If you want to know what shows are airing and at what times on most TV channels, then head over to Al-Watan newspaper.

It ran the TV schedule for mosalsalat Ramadan, on all TV channels, for the whole of this week. If you like watching TV in Ramadan, then you definitely have to print it out.

It’s a good schedule that includes almost all channels like Al-Watan TV, Kuwait TV, Al-Rai, MBC, Abu DHabi, Dubai, Rotana 1&2, Fan, Al-Youm, LBC, Future, and something called S.

Click on the pages to get to the main pdf file of each picture here and here.

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Watch Al-Watan TV programs online

You can follow most of the Ramadan Mosalsalat online over at Al-Watan TV‘s site.

Some of the Ramadan TVshows you can watch there include: Zwarat 5amees, Bu Nabeel w Bu Qotada, Saher Al-Lail, Ma6ba5 Hanouf, Al-Bait Al-Maskoon, Aneen, and Fa9 Kala9.

(زوارة خميس، بونبيل و بو قتادة، ساهر الليل، مطبخ هنوف، البيت المسكون، أنين، و فص كلاص)


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Al-Rai TV Ramadan Shows Line-up

Here is this year’s Ramadan TV show scheduling for Al-Rai TV Channel.

Knock your selves out with mosalsalat Ramadan this year on Al-Rai, Al-Watan, and Funoon.

Enjoy your viewing!