Gergai3an @ Amiri Hospital

I was at the Amiri hospital a few days ago during Gergai3an time. Suddenly a group of young girls wearing 7jabat and 3abayat came into the room, and asked if they can distrubute Gergai3amn and sing for us. So we said, hell yeah, fougah. Anything to change the gloomy mood.

They gave us small baskets and bags filled with sweets and candy, and sang for a few minutes. They were fun, and they told us that they belong to Sheikh Nabeel Al-Awadhi’s Durar foundation.

To tell you the truth, they made us all wonder how in the hell does Nabeel Al-Awadhi endorse singing and Gergai3an. Good for him walah.


A big thank you out to Ha2 Designs

I had posted about Ha2 Designs Dararee3 exhibition a few days ago. And today, Ha2’s lovely owner mentioned my blog on its facebook wall. So thank you Hanan so much.

Stylish Dararee3: Ha2 Designs Ramadan Exhibition

I just got an invitation via facebook to join Ha2 Designs, owned by Mrs. Hanan Al-Jouaan.  The 1st time I heard about Ha2 Designs was from one of my friends back in February, when she told me that Hanan designs amazing dararee3 and uses the simple elegant label of ha2 (حاء).

I saw Hanan back  in April or May and asked her about the label, and told her that everyone is praising her designs. Of course, she was happy with the well deserved flattering.

Anyways, she has just finished her new Ramadan Dararee3 designs, and will exhibit them in Ghazl El Banet boutique in KARIZMA opposite to Amiri Hospital

The phone number is 22 46 12 49 Ext. 105. Opening times are from 10 am – 2 pm, and from 5 pm to 10 pm. Call ahead to make sure the dararee3 aren’t sold out.

N.B.: All pics are taken from Ha2 facebook page.