McDonald’s in Kuwait

Unlike my previous post where everything looks delicious on the menu, McDonald’s in Kuwait isn’t that appetizing. In fact, terrible is a better description for it.

Look at the Fish-o-Fillet. They cut the cheese slice in half, and put just one half on the sandwich? If so, then why would they charge 800 fils for an incomplete sandwich like this? Isn’t that close to $3 for just a sandwich and half a cheese slice? And what about the coke. I ask for a diet, and this is what they give me? Stingy ingrdients, terrible fries, bad fish sandwich, and even worse Mc-Chicken.

I won’t say I would never eat at McDonald’s again, that would be a lie. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be going there any time soon.

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Lady GaGa becomes Queen GaGa

The MTV Video Music Award nominees were announced last night, and Lady GaGa is leading the pack with all time record of 13 nominations. She’s also the 1st performer ever to be nominated for 2 best videos of the year, for “Bad Romance” and “Telephone“.

Eminem is also up for 8 awards with his “Recovery” album.

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