Zain’s dancing tower in Bahrain with video

This is an update to my previous post about the dancing tower of Zain in Bahrain. kindly excuse the bad recording, I really don’t know how to shoot at night. Plus, the humidity in Bahrain killed my camera anyways. This is Zain’s building in Bahrain, btw.

This video is a personal response to both his and R. So please please please, don’t tell me you don’t like it. Even if it’s not true, just say you love it. It’s my first ever video after all!


Encounter with a Falcon in City Center Bahrain

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I met this really gorgeous Falcon in City Center today. It was beautiful, very well behaved, and an absolute delight to look at.

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160,000 people go to Lailat Al-Qadar 27th Ramadan at Grand Mosque Kuwait

More than 160,000 people prayed last night at Kuwait’s Grand Mosque. The night of 27th of Ramadan is very special, it is said to be Lailat AlQadar, that is better than a 1,000 months.

Allah eytaqabal menhum w mennah inshalla.

Pictures are taken from Al-Qabas and Al-Jareeda, click in the pictures for details.

To all you guys out there, is this the new 2011 Corvette?

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I got these pictures about pimped up Corvettes. New modern cars, modeled over old designs. And yes, these corvettes look slightly different, and a whole lot prettier, than the 2011 models Chevrolet sells on the official Corvette site.

They’re done by Special Missions Trading and their phone numbers are KSA +966 -550009111 & KWT +965-99958465, and prices are KD 17,500 for both the Coupe and Convertible models.

Beautiful horses on the beach in Jlai3a

While swimming yesterday, I saw these couple of guys on really pretty horses. The horses were enjoying their playtime in the water, it was a nice sight to watch.

wow. wow. wow. Lindsay Lohan rehabs in New Port Beach

Lindsay Lohan will spend her rehab in Morning side Recovery Facility in New Port Beach, California. She’s sentenced to 90 days rehab, and she’s going to spend them in this $ 36 thousand facility.

Sure sounds like vacation to me 🙂

These are the pictures of her new rehab place:

And these are pictures of beautiful New Port Beach: