Happy 4th of July to All Our American Friends, From All Your Kuwaiti Friends

Happy 4th of July USA from Kuwait

Forgot to add: This goes out first to my dear dear friend snowinq8… Happy 4th of July darling xoxo


Tom Ford Spring\Summer 2011 womenswear with Beyonce

Check Beyonce on the catwalk, starting from minute 2, with Tom Ford all smiles and giggles over her.

Beyonce’s gives Jay-Z a Bugatti Veyron for his birthday

Beyonce’s banned ad in the UK

Beyonce’s ad for her new fragrance Heat has been banned in the UK. It’ll only be aired after 7.30 p.m. over there, because it’s so inappropriate for kids. I agree, it’s too hot and raunchy.

Kanye West’s apology to Swift not so swift

Kanye West got  himself drunk at last year’s VMA awards, and took the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hands and blabbered something about Beyonce deserving the award instead of swift. That was shocking to see, since Taylor is such a sweet little thing.

Now it seems that Kanye regrets what he did, and has apologized to Swift via his Twitter account.

I guess late, even the very late, is better than never.

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