A Hilarious Kuwaiti Cartoon for my English speaking readers

A good portion of my readers aren’t from Kuwait. And a lot of times, I feel terrible for them because a lot of my posts are local and about Kuwait. So I’m always afraid that the posts are boring them.

Well, I do have a treat for my lovely readers. This an episode of one of our funniest kuwaiti cartoons, BuQutada & BuNabeel. This episode is special because it’s all in English. All 6 main characters travel to London, and have to talk in English all the time.

The episode is called “Literal Translation”, and what’s funny about it is that it literally translates all of local Kuwaiti phrases and dialect into English. Hearing the non-coherent words is hilarious, they actually make no sense when literally translated like that.

This episode is from last season, and I have to thank Nawara from Chai ou 7aleeb for reminding us about it.


Kuwaiti rap song raddan 3ala Qatari rap song

I think almost everyone in kuwait heard the Qatari rap song they wrote after BuNabeel & BuQotada TV show mentioned their Sh. Hamd, wazeer el5arijiya malhum.

No matter what the Qatari people think about the episode, it’s just not cool to be dissing our Emir. Sh. Sabah has to be respected. He had nothing to do with the show or whatever arguments came of it. He is the head of Kuwait, and should not be joked about and insulted like the Qataris did in their silly song.

Frankom just posted a new Kuwaiti rap song, in response to the Qatari one. The song is respectful to Qatar, it doesn’t mention their Emir or insults anyone like they did us. Well, you do have to ignore the repeated use of the word Tais, But you got to admit, Qatar has a semi monopoly on the word anyways.

Enjoy the song, and I hope this matter is finally settled because it’s getting really ridiculous.