Just a Quick Reminder to my Dear Readers: Don’t Forget to Vote تذكير لقرائي الغاليين: تكفون لا تنسون تصوتون

هذا تذكير ثاني

لقرائي الأعزاء، أعتذر عن التكرار، بس صج ودي أعرف أي لغة تفضلون أكتب بالبلوق

This is another reminder to the previous one, but only because I really want to know which language you prefer me to use

You can vote here  تقدرن تصوتون هني


I’ve Got a Surprise For My Readers عندي مفاجأة للقراء هذه الاسبوع

عندي لكم مفاجأة هالإسبوع، انشاءالله تكون حلوة بعيونكم… لأول مرة بتاريخ مدونتي، شخص ثاني غيري أنا بيكتب بمدونتي…. أنا ماني شخص أناني بالمرة، بالعكس، أنا حدي كسولة و شان زين في أحد من زمان إقترح انه يكتب بوست بدالي…. عالأقل أقدر انسدح و أتونس بكتابتهم، بس للأسف ماحصل لحد دلوقتي

انشاءالله يعجبكم بوست الجماعة الجدد…. ما أتوقع نكتب عنه قبل محاري اسبوع، بس انشاءالله يعجبكم… أنا شخصيا جدا سعيدة إنه فيه أحد غيري مهتم انه يكتب هني بمدونتي…. فحيالله زوارنا الغاليين، متى ما شرفونا

Please don’t get over excited, it’s not a competition, and there are no prizes. It’s just, this coming week, I’m inshalla gonna get my first ever ghost writing post. It’s a post written entirely by and at the mazaj of a ghost writer. I have a feeling you, my dear readers would maybe perhaps prefer someone else to write a post every now and then. Let’s see how this one goes, I’m personally excited about it.

Don’t Forget to Vote تكفون لا تنسون تصوتون

ودي أعرف أي لغة القراء يفضلون على البلوق، عربي والا انجليزي… عشان جذي سويت تصويت، و ودي تصوتون عليه عشان أعرف شنو في بالكم… تقدرون تصوتون هني

I was wondering if my readers wanted more Arabic or English posts on the blog. So I set up a small poll, I would really like to know what the readers favor. You can find the poll here.

Do You Want More Arabic or English Posts? شنو تفضلون، بوستات عربي والا انجليزي؟

ماقط طرى على بالي انه قراء البلوق يبون بوستات أكثر بالعربي. انا أدري اني تقريبا كل بوستاتي من سويت البلوق تكون بالانجليزي، الا فيما ندر. فخطر على بالي أسأل القراء شنو يفضلون

ّI haven’t really thought about this before, but it just occurred to me that some readers might not enjoy my blog, on the account of me posting almost exclusively in English. It got me to think if some readers also preferred that I post in Arabic too.

Thank you Dream GirlX


Thank you so much Dream GirlX for the lovely shout out.

I was very happy withe my worldwide #1 post yesterday, so thank you so much for sharing my happiness.

Birthday Surprise

I got a pleasant surprise for my birthday, though it wasn’t intentional.

I made it to the #1 spot on the top post on WordPress’s Blogs of the day list. That’s WORLDWIDE, beating every other blog on earth.

This is pretty major. My blog was the top one for the day of April 2nd, 2011.

No matter how you slice it, it is still awesome.

No wonder I’m super excited about my birthday this year.

I’m telling everyone, today is going to be a great start for a brand new decade. And it looks like I’m right on track for that.

Buzfairy is Now on Facebook

I’m finally on Facebook, and boy did that take forever.

I’ve joined a few months back, about the same time I went on Twitter. But Facebook gave me problems right from the start, so I had put it on the back burner for a while.

I’m happy to say that everything is now A-OK now. So come join me by clicking here, can’t wait to see you there.

Mixing my iPod playlist for Chale tomorrow

I just spent the last hour fixing a new playlist for Chale tomorrow. I’m in the mood of jamming and bamming, winding up a sandstorm on the beach. I only have one little problem, I can’t get this song out of my head. I can’t help it, my shoulders do a little uncontrollable jolting whenever I hear it. Listen to it yourselves, and tell me if you vibrate too.

I’m no loft965 (only the biggest music blog in the ME), but here are some of my bad-ass picks for tomorrow:

Bumpy ride by Mohombi, raise your glass by P!nk, take it off by Ke$ha, a couple of Rihannas (love the way you lie and what’s my name), omg by Usher, a couple of Katy Perrys (fireworks and cali girlz), the time by Black eyed Peas, ridin’ solo by Jason Durelo, and I like it by Iglesias. There are a few more, but I didn’t want to bore you.