Update on cargo plane crashing in Dubai

This is an update to my earlier post about a UPS cargo plane crashing in Dubai 7 hours ago. Here are some updates:

  • There was a fire onboard the aircraft before it crashed.
  • The 2 pilots were killed in the crash.
  • The pilots tried to land the plane twice before it crashed.
  • Airport officials divert the plane to an abandoned government land (military base), after the plane failed to land at the airport.
  • The plane crashed an hour after its takeoff.
  • The plane first crashed into an empty parking lot, then it briefly took off again, and finally crash.
  • No ground casualties were reported.
  • This is UPS’ first fatal crash in its history.

Breaking News: Cargo plane crashes in Dubai

Update here.

A couple of hours ago, a cargo plane belonging to UPS crashed in Dubai, killing at least 2 crew members. No word yet as to whether people have been killed on the ground, where the plane crashed.

The plane crashed somewhere on Emirates Road close to Dubai International Airport, at 8 pm local time. It was a 747-400, and was headed from Dubai to Cologne, Germany.