Coffee Republic rocks

I went to Coffee Republic today for an after fe6oor latte and frappa, they were both great. And they had the cuttest small mint boxes. I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures of them.

We had two Carmel macchiatos, two after mints, and a bottle of still water for KD 5. I think it’s a lot cheaper than StarBucks. The Macchiato was delicious. We then had a chocolate chip frappa.

Aren’t those lips adorable?


A regular non-ramadan morning

I used to love going to Marina Mall early in the morning, to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee looking out into Kuwait’s beautiful shoreline. This is one of the few things that I actually miss when Ramadan is here. Almost all other times, I just love Ramadan, even when I’m starving and thirsty like I am right now!

This is how I love my morning coffee

What a great view to wakeup to!

Great morning everyone.

Old coffee post is here.

Morning Cup-a-Joe

My friend sent me some really fancy milk chocolate buttons from Maya Cafe-Bahrain, and I couldn’t resist them any longer. I just felt like i had to have them right then and there… Which calls for that perfect espresso to go with that damn sinful choco buttons.