Kuwait towers are Liberations towers now?!

Fox series has a weekly arabic tourisim competition, and this week it’s about Kuwait.

What’s funny is that they’re asking where Abraj elta7reer are, but they’re really mean is abraj elkwait. And Failaka island has become failakat island… Shouldn’t they have better researchers?

What’s next? Where’s the green palace mathlan, bidal elqasr ela7mar?

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Cher auditions for the X Factor

A 16 year old English girl called Cher Lloyd turned heads around  on the X Factor show. She has an amazing voice, and she commanded the whole stage. And she’s only 16 mashalla.

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Amazing voice, could this girl be the new Susan Boyle?

Could Jackie Evancho really be the new super Susan Boyle sensation? This 10 year old girl has an amazing opera voice, the whole audience plus and judges on America’s Got Talent think so.