Coffee Republic rocks

I went to Coffee Republic today for an after fe6oor latte and frappa, they were both great. And they had the cuttest small mint boxes. I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures of them.

We had two Carmel macchiatos, two after mints, and a bottle of still water for KD 5. I think it’s a lot cheaper than StarBucks. The Macchiato was delicious. We then had a chocolate chip frappa.

Aren’t those lips adorable?


Dancing Dog

No comment is needed, this is just utter cuteness.

New: Pottery Barn for Pets

Kids weren’t enough for Pottery Barn, so they added a new “Pottery Bran for Pets”.

I had bought this floor mat from PB kids for KD 1.5 in their sale discount, I came back home and found  a great place for it. However, my cat had other ideas, like thinking it’s her new bed… How cute is that!