Flying Objects Waiting to Happen

The pickup truck has a lot of stuff that are just waiting to fly into my windshield. I don’t think those stringy robes are going to hold anything in.

I’m just going to let him drive far away from me, or let him pass the traffic light while I stay back. Better to be safe than sorry, if you ask me.

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3 drunks on Jazeera Airways flight back from Bahrain

Remember when I went to Bahrain for 2 nights during 3eed holidays? Well, I was flying Jazeera, beacuse I found the ticket price to be totally unbeatable during 3eed rush.

Anyways, on the flight back to Kuwait, there were 3 young kuwaiti men with us. They were drunks as skunks, with mouths louder than radios blasted to the highest volume. They were rude, obnoxious, slightly terrifying, very vulgar. You name it, they were it.

So in case you think I’m exaggertaing, let me give you a few examples of what went on with them:

  • One of them tried to lit a cigaret while still on the plane.
  • They talked about all types of booze they drink and what bars they were at, very loudly.
  • They stated to everyone close by, repeatedly, that they don’t fast Ramadan.
  • One was grateful that he left his gun at home; because apparently, he didn’t like Jazeera airways’ staff reaction.
  • Another kept bragging that he was with 7imayat el6ayarrat or elqowwat elmosala7a, I couldn’t keep track. He kept going back and forth between those two sensitive military\intelligence agencies, so that got me lost a bit.
  • Kept bragging that no one can touch them, that Civil Aviation or Civil law doesn’t apply to their holy selves.

There were a lot of families and kids on the plane, and none of us needed to hear any of this shit.

You want to get drunk, stay home. Don’t get drunk, and be loud on a closed airplane.

At one point, I actually wished I was flying American Airlines or British. Airport security would be dragging their asses to where the sun doesn’t shine, for a really long long long time. That’ll teach them to open their mouths.

And come on Jazeera. None of your staff could do anything? The best that one of them tried to do, was to ask one of the guys to step off the bus for a minute AFTER WE LANDED. And the guy just ended up back on the bus in less than 6o seconds.

Not cool Jazeera, totally not cool. Drunk, loud, rude, gun talk, and you do NOTHING.

I wouldn’t stand here if you paid me a Million!

I can not believe how these guys are standing there. The waves, the wind, the dark skies. How can they not be afraid?

This picture was taken off the coast of New York, as “Earl” increases strength towards becoming a tropical storm. Earl has already struck Cap Cod and Nantucket at speeds of over 70 miles per hour. That is scary.

Want to know why kuwaities love amsterdam?

I hope you get what these pictures represent…. And by that I mean bad things. I wish Kuwait wud cancel Amsterdam rout and add a better European destination, like Athens perhaps.

Stupid Diesel jeans ads, like really stupid

Update available here.

Diesel Jeans has come up with a new ad campaign called “Be Stupid“. And you know what, the campaign is stupid. Like seriously stupid AND dangerous. I can’t even post like more pictures, for fear of offending half the wortld. The Diesel “Be Stupid” campaign is that bad. Look at more pictures here, if you want.

Actually, I would recommend that you do. As much as I’m saying the campaign is stupid, the ads are actually very entertaining and fun to see. You won’t regret looking at them.

Oh, and btw, the ads are banned in the UK.