The dancing tower of Zain

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Zain’s building in Bahrain is just like Burj Al-Arab in dubai and the Al-Ta2meenat building in Kuwait, with dancing lights changing colors all the time.

I tried to take a few pics of the tower, at night. But i’m not really a good photographer, so I ended up with these pics of a dancing Zain building. I hope you enjoy them. They should be fun to look at.


Great offer at Atlantis Dubai

A room in Atlantis for KD 105 per night is a great offer. I don’t know what’s happening with Dubai, but even the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has amazing offers. Remember when I wrote a post that rooms start from KD 80 including taxes and breakfast.

I love Dubai, I can love it double and take up both offers. Hmm, what a great idea.

Click the pic to go to Atlantis.

Pics of Fazza3’s son

These are a few pictures I got by email, of Fazza3 Mohammad bin Rashed Al-Maktoum and his son. I don’t know how old his son is, bs mashalla el babay 7alat eldenia killha feeh.

Thanks K.F.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel advertising in a local paper

I think this is the first time EVER that the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has advertised in a local Kuwaiti newspaper. The demand for this hotel by Kuwaitis is so strong, that JBH ever hardly needs to advertise to get us to go there.  Sure they occasionally put up their hotel’s picture along with Dubai‘s annual “Dubai Summer Surprises” group ad, but never in a direct ad from the hotel like in this one.

I love Jumeirah Beach Hotel, wether you’re with kids or just adults. It’s nice, spacious, full of activities, has more than 50-60 resturants to chose from (obviously I’ve included Madinate Jumeirah resturats), had good pools, perfect gym, clean beach, a great water park… Oh, I think I can get this list going on for a long long time, beacuse the hotel is just that good.

Well, I’m glad that Jumeirah Beach Hotel is finally paying its customers in Kuwait some well deserved attention. And room prices are reasonable, starting from around DH 800++ including breakfast (ya3ni KD 80 with taxes and everything). You can get more details about this special GCC offer here.

Anyone for a short trip over to Dubai?

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Update on cargo plane crashing in Dubai

This is an update to my earlier post about a UPS cargo plane crashing in Dubai 7 hours ago. Here are some updates:

  • There was a fire onboard the aircraft before it crashed.
  • The 2 pilots were killed in the crash.
  • The pilots tried to land the plane twice before it crashed.
  • Airport officials divert the plane to an abandoned government land (military base), after the plane failed to land at the airport.
  • The plane crashed an hour after its takeoff.
  • The plane first crashed into an empty parking lot, then it briefly took off again, and finally crash.
  • No ground casualties were reported.
  • This is UPS’ first fatal crash in its history.

Breaking News: Cargo plane crashes in Dubai

Update here.

A couple of hours ago, a cargo plane belonging to UPS crashed in Dubai, killing at least 2 crew members. No word yet as to whether people have been killed on the ground, where the plane crashed.

The plane crashed somewhere on Emirates Road close to Dubai International Airport, at 8 pm local time. It was a 747-400, and was headed from Dubai to Cologne, Germany.

Ramadan’s TV show schedule for this week on all TV channels

If you want to know what shows are airing and at what times on most TV channels, then head over to Al-Watan newspaper.

It ran the TV schedule for mosalsalat Ramadan, on all TV channels, for the whole of this week. If you like watching TV in Ramadan, then you definitely have to print it out.

It’s a good schedule that includes almost all channels like Al-Watan TV, Kuwait TV, Al-Rai, MBC, Abu DHabi, Dubai, Rotana 1&2, Fan, Al-Youm, LBC, Future, and something called S.

Click on the pages to get to the main pdf file of each picture here and here.

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Really amazing offers to Dubai with Kuwait Airways

I got this by email, and I just thought that the prices are just amazing. Almost all of the hotels in this offer are top notch 5 star hotels, not what you would normally expect from KA. Hotels include Atlantis Dubai, The Address Dubai Mall, Royal Mirage, Intercontinental Festival City, and the Fairmont.

Way to go Kuwait Airways. Anyone else feeling the need for a 2 night escape to Dubai perhaps? I know I do.