Do you think this is true or made up? A GIANT goldfish

I really don’t know, but the Daily Mail is a reasonably reliable paper, so the giant goldfish might just be real.


Girl fight on X Factor

Watch this ridiculous audition of Abby & Lisa at The X Factor show. I don’t know how she could just give the other girl a punch to the face on national TV. I thought they might’ve been drunk, but neither of them look drunk at all.

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Cher auditions for the X Factor

A 16 year old English girl called Cher Lloyd turned heads around  on the X Factor show. She has an amazing voice, and she commanded the whole stage. And she’s only 16 mashalla.

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Great News, the W hotel is opening in London

Finally, the W Hotel will open up in London, England. The W London hotel will be located in Leicester Sq., and set to open in February 2011 AND will have its famous Bliss Spa.

The W London will be in the place of the Swiss Corner building, right on Leicester Sq. I was really excited to know the W is opening in London, but when I knew where it was opening; I kind of lost my enthusiasm.

I don’t think Leicester Sq. is the ideal location for the W. It’s noisy and crowded. And I feel  that all the superbness of the W experience is wasted in this terrible location.

Anyways, booking is open for February stays ,and I will definitely give it a try. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not every time you can try out a brand new hotel in London, and the W is worth a stay for sure. Prices start from 330 Sterling pounds a night.

It’s true, football shirts are now made from water bottles

You heard it right! Shirts are now made from water bottles instead of cotton and cloth. Nike has come up with a new material made entirely from recycled water bottles, and each shirt uses up to 8 bottles. The cool thing about all of this is that Nike dressed all the Nike sponsored national teams in this new shirt for this year’s world cup in South Africa. That means Brazil, England, and Portugal.

And you know what else? Man United’s new shirt is also entirely made from water bottles.

Condoleezza Rice joins the music industry

Look who’s becoming a new musician. Former US State Foreign affairs secretary ( i.e. wazeerat el5ariji), Dr. Condoleezza Rice joined the legendary and ever so big Aretha Franklin on stage for a charity event last night. Condoleezza played the piano, while Aretha sang “Say a Little prayer for me”. And they say that Rice was actually really really good on the piano. The event was a charity for Inner City Youth in Philadelphia. The video can be found here.

Condoleezza has played the piano for the Queen of England before, so now playing for the Queen of Soul doesn’t sound so daunting or scary I guess.

Btw, Aretha Franklin was named the # 1 all time singer by the Rolling Stones magazine; Beating Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, and Bob Dylan.