Off to Bahrain

I was bored yesterday morning and started browsing airlines, punching in random close by cities. When I got to Jazeera Airways and Bahrain, I found the fare to be a damn bargain. At KD 38, how I can pass it? I am in love with Bahrain, so I can’t say no to such a steal deal!

So I booked it, booked a hotel, and will go there for 3eed. Only down side is I didn’t want to get there while I’m fasting, so I took the 7 p.m. flight. That’s how I ended up having by fast-break at kuwait Airport. And I have got to say their 3adas soup is really good.

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9 things I want this Ramadan

  1. Do a Ramadan 3omra.
  2. Finish my Quran.
  3. More organized tarawee7.
  4. Cooler weather.
  5. Shorter fasting hours.
  6. Zakat calculations for Kuwaiti shares.
  7. Less headaches.
  8. Stop getting sick
  9. Longer Emsak timings.

Does anyone need an Emsakiya?

I thought I would post a Ramadan Emsakiya again, just in case anyone lost theirs and wants to check the Emsak timings. I, myself, check every single day. I don’t think I can live without an Emsakiya.

So here you go, with the compliments of Gulf Bank.

Does any of you know corn dogs Kuwait?

I’ve been craving corn dogs with BBQ sauce for days now. There is a small Kuwaiti local business that specializes in corn dogs, but I’ve lost their numbers. I’m craving it big time in Ramadan, it seems that my fasting is making things worse. Does any of you know how to get in touch with them? That would be beautiful.

Great Deal: Fe6oor food in IKEA

I know I’ve posted about this before. But I’m just reminding you guys about IKEA’s amazing fe6oor offers in Ramadan. You definitely have to go and try them.

You get everything from soup, laban, and dates; to a main course, dessert, salad, and qamar deen. All for just KD 2.750.

Easiest tastiest sandwich ever!!

The Croque monsieur is one of the easiest grilled sandwiches you can ever make. It’s basically a fancy grilled cheese sandwich, but with a twist. The twist is that you stuff a cold cut type of meat in the middle, and top the sandwich with cheese infused béchamel sauce. It’s usually made with ham, but you will have to substitute that with smoked turkey or any other cold cut you like.

An easy recipe can be found here. My favorite type of a Croque sandwich is the mushroom croque, and the 2nd cup in Kuwait does an amazing one. Also, the one at Euro Disney is to die for. Bredz offers one too, but it doesn’t look very appealing to tell you the truth.

Check out the recipe, it’s really easy. And I feel like it’s a good choice for a light fe6oor or so7oor meal, along with a light green salad as a side. I recommend buying your ingredients at Dean & Deloca, just for the satisfaction of knowing you’ll find everything you want under one roof.

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Ramadan Kareem مبارك عليكم الشهر

Ramadan kareem to everyone with my best hopes of an easy and peaceful fasting

مبارك عليكم الشهر و تعودونه كل سنة انشاءالله

I leave you with this Emsakiya, which I got from Gulf Bank

The price is right. Ramadan, fe6oor, IKEA.

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I was having lunch at IKEA today, and saw their Ramadan fe6oor offer. You get to drink, eat, and have dessert; all for KD 2.75. They’re gona serve a different dish for every day of the week. My favorite is the lamb chops. But I do prefer them hot right off the grill. That means BBQ time in chale. But I think towards the end of Ramadan, when we get tired from the same old dishes; then I guess it won’t hurt paying IKEA a visit. The price sure sounds right.

The price includes laban and qmardeen, the main course, dessert, and dates. Did I mention you get soup and salad too?

Like I said,  the price is definitely right. Got to love IKEA.

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