The future of buses

This is the future of buses.

China has come up with this futuristic concept for over coming the traffic problem in its major cities. The bus will have a speed of 60 km\hr and will carry 1200-1400 passengers. Cars with heights of less than 2 meters (i.e. like most parking lot height restrictions) will be able to pass from underneath the buses’ midsections.

The buses are going to be powered by a mix of electricity and solar powers, and so are environmentally friendly.


UAE BlackBerry ban extends to visitors’ devices too

Apparently, the BlackBerry ban the UAE plans on starting in Oct of this year will also extend to all BB devices; even to devices issued to business men and tourists from other countries. These people will not be able to use their own countries’ BB roaming services while visiting the UAE.

Dubai International Airport handles more than 100,000 travelers on a day; most of whom are tourists and businessmen needing their emails and browsing devices. This is catastrophic, it means that businessmen won’t be able to access their emails or the documents they need in their business meetings in Dubai.

With that fact in play, it will be really hard to continue to sell Dubai as the Business-Friendly city as it is advertised right now.

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