E wallah a big thank you to Al-Roudhan Ramadan Tournament

The organizers of Al-Roudhan Ramadan Football Tournament have outdone themselves this year.

They brought players from the best international and soccer teams, A\C Milan & Inter Milan; have brought the best and most valuable cups and trophies from the best competitions in the world; and have entertained the audience for a whole month with fun activities and gifts.

  • Thank you for bringing A\C Milan legends.
  • Thank you for bringing FIFA Club World cup and European Super cup.
  • Thank you for bringing Inter Milan’s President and goalkeeper.
  • Thank you for bringing back the fun.

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Why ya Flex?

Today, one of my training buddies and close friend called me pissed out of her head about her class at Flex Fitness ladies.

That’s my gym, I’ve been with them ever since they opened ages ago. They were excellent, with their cute little building, excellent classes, professional trainers, and top-of-the-state equipment.

Then Flex went and did this dumb thing, where they expanded by building a new extention. And what an extension, a 4 floor new addittion. With an a lap pool, a huge cardio room, 2 squash courts, a full spa floor, numerous training rooms, and a huge variety of new classes.

But with this expansion, their services started going down the drain. I try to be positive, but it’s difficult. The classes are very crowded, towels are rare and scarce to get, parking is a nightmare even with the stupid valet, the friendly reception staff are gone, bad customer service replaced them, complaints are many and repeatitive.

Problem is, for me and my friend, is that Flex is the closest good gym we’ve got. We both live on 2nd and 3rd ring roads; so the Sea Club with its far location, the Corniche in traffic jammed Salmiya, and the equally jammed Champions are out of the question for us.

But what happened to my friend today is really over the top. She loves Flex’s Body Sculpting class, she never misses one. However, she had to do the class today with busted A\C and with a pregnant trainer. Isn’t that a bit too much? I know we’re loyal, I know location-wise Flex is the best for us. But we have to draw the line somewhere. I think today is it.

Couldn’t they fix the A\C, have maintenance come at once? Couldn’t they have shifted the class to another excercise room? Couldn’t they get a non-pregnant trainer? I don’t really think Human right groups would like to know that a pregs trainer is instructing a high and physically challenging class.

Flex, get your act together. You were on top. Get back there again. Start listening to your customers. We’ve been with you for the great part of a full decade, shouldn’t you listen to us when we talk? Do you really want to open our eyes to the many other great gyms out there?

Tara we know about Pilates, we know about Le Femme, we know about the Palms and Sea Club. Don’t let us go and check them out, get our nostalgic Flex golden days out of our heads, and get convinced that there are other places in Kuwait that do offer better and superior gym experience.

Get your act together and stop treating customers like sheep. They deserve respect.

Wana buy a new watch for 3eed?

In today’s Al-Watan’s newspaper edition, I spotted a huge number of ads for watches. Is it the new thing now? That we buy watches to celebrate 3eed or something? I counted a total of 6 ads in just one issue.

Anyone looking for a watch? I know one of my friends gave e a headache yesterday trying to decided what watch to get, I guess this post is for u H.

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A Hilarious Kuwaiti Cartoon for my English speaking readers

A good portion of my readers aren’t from Kuwait. And a lot of times, I feel terrible for them because a lot of my posts are local and about Kuwait. So I’m always afraid that the posts are boring them.

Well, I do have a treat for my lovely readers. This an episode of one of our funniest kuwaiti cartoons, BuQutada & BuNabeel. This episode is special because it’s all in English. All 6 main characters travel to London, and have to talk in English all the time.

The episode is called “Literal Translation”, and what’s funny about it is that it literally translates all of local Kuwaiti phrases and dialect into English. Hearing the non-coherent words is hilarious, they actually make no sense when literally translated like that.

This episode is from last season, and I have to thank Nawara from Chai ou 7aleeb for reminding us about it.

Wohooo…. 10,000 Readers… Wohooo

My best friend called me today asking if I was home. She wanted to send me something, and had hoped I would like it. When I got the box, it turned out to be Vanilla and Oreo cupcakes. She knows I’m not that into sweets, in fact I’m like  hardly ever have sweets or dessert. So I was kind of surprised she sent cupcakes to me.

Well, guess what? It turns out they were special cupcakes. They spelled 10,000. I had reached 10,000 readers on my blog!! How cool is that? My blog is very new, maybe 5 weeks old or so. I don’t know what my numbers should be, but I’m mighty glad of the 10,000 number. Wohooo to me, allah yani estansat.

Of course, I ended up eating all of the Oreo cupcakes, I couldn’t get myself to eat the 10,000 ones. But I’m gonna get through them, one by one. Thank you so much you lovely readers. And thank you B so so so so so much, I love you girl xoxo.

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Thank you om ToTa, my favorite B in the whole wide world

My best friend, and one of a handful of people who know about my blog, celebrated my one month blog anniversary today. She got me a Marron Glace cake from Opera, which we ended up eating in IKEA of all places.

She did everything behind my back. First she tells me she’s going to be a bit late, came up with a an excuse that made me wonder. Then she disappeared when I was ordering the food; to get the plates, forks, and kitchen knife from the IKEA people.

I go back to the table, and I see this Opera bag. And I’m like, what’s going on? Then she tells me “Mabrook”, and that she had wanted to do this ever since I reached 5,000 hits (now I’m at 7,500 mashalla). Then she decided to wait a couple of days till the actual anniversary.

This turned out great, because yesterday his&hers delivered the great news that I was on the top 10 Kuwaiti sites of the day, which is like WOW. So the celebration was double. And since we were going to IKEA anyways, she decided it would be ok to take the cake there.

We had a lovely time, we ate good food, and everyone enjoyed the relaxed quite atmosphere. Thank you B for making my anniversary and the great news even more special.

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Allah yr7am Nejoud Boodai

Yesterday, Nejoud Boodai, one my friends from since we were teenagers, passed away. Allah yr7am Nejoud w eygamid roo7ha elyana inshalla.

We first met in high school, then we continued to London; where she studied fashion and I studied business at the same college.

She has always been sweet, friendly, soft, and caring. I’m sure a lot of people are very sad for losing her, but at least we are comforted in knowing she is not suffering from her terminal illness anymore.

Nejoud was a successful business woman. She opened up her first fashion shop right after college in the fashionable Beauchamp Place in London. And as a pioneering Kuwaiti fashion designer, way before it became a habba in kuwait, she successfully started designing uniforms for Kuwait Airways and the Kuwaiti Army. She also has a very trendy shop in Salhiya Complex, called N.B. Boutique. You can read more about N.B. Boutique at confashions here, here, and here.

And again, way ahead of other in kuwait, she started JuJu’s cupcake bakery in Fanar Complex. She also has a very stylish flower shop called Flower Story in 360° Mall.

Nejoud was as active as she was sweet. And there is a huge truth about the old saying “Mayroo7 elah elzain”. Allah yr7umich ya Nejoud. You will always be in our prayers.

BlackBerry Messenger is back in Saudi Arabia

It seems that RIM and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement in their BlackBerry ban dispute. RIM will place a server in Saudi Arabia, which will solve SA’s security issues.

The ban was supposed to start yesterday (Friday) midnight. The BB service was cutoff from ome people, but not all. My friend in Al-Dammam had her service cut, while my other friend in Jeddah had it on. I didn’t have the heart to tell the Damami friend that her luck sucked.

Anyways, alf mabrook for Saudis and elfal to UAE too.

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