Kuwait, Yemen and Gulf Bank

Everyone was talking about how Yemenis were cheering Kuwait’s team at the Gulf Cup tournament, and how much they were genuinely happily cheering for us.

Then I saw this picture in the paper, where Gulf Bank was honoring it’s old employees. And it turns out that one of the honoree employees is Yemeni (just a coincidence), but it proves how the Yemeni people are in our hearts and in our homes.

Kuwait loves Yemen and gives you a big thank you… W sij sij magassartaw wiyyana.


I love Gulf Bank

I love the advertising campaigns of Gulf Bank. They just scream old Kuwait.

I love how they use old lights (zhaiwi), young girls of the past (m3 dararee3hum w 3achayfhum), and the magnificant boom-like buildings of their branches.

Here is a 3eed greeting from Gulf Bank.

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Does anyone need an Emsakiya?

I thought I would post a Ramadan Emsakiya again, just in case anyone lost theirs and wants to check the Emsak timings. I, myself, check every single day. I don’t think I can live without an Emsakiya.

So here you go, with the compliments of Gulf Bank.

Oops, a big correction is due

In my last post, I wrote about how KFH‘s Ramadan Emsakiya, featured in Al-Qabas newspaper everyday, is misleading because it didn’t have the Emsak time. Well guess what? I’ve been looking at the wrong table this whole time. It turns out that KFH does actually offer an Emsakiya table right on the front page; whereas the prayer times are featured separately on the last page. I guess I got confused because I automatically assumed the Emsakiya and prayer times would be together in a single table. It’s all that fasting and starving getting to my head. Sorry Al-Qabas and KFH.

The Emsakiya for the the whole of Ramadan, courtesy of Gulf Bank,  can be found here.

Gulf Bank finally Makes a Profit! U$ 5 Mil.

Gulf Bank announced that it has made a Net Profit of U$ 5 Mil, which means that it has finally started to generate positive income, i.e. PROFITS! after more than 2 years in the Red. AND after causing one of the scariest loses that threatened to topple down both the Kuwaiti Banking sector and the Kuwaiti economy.

We’re proud of Gulf Bank. Keep it going yal BooM.