I’m so happy we won

You can’t really blame him, this is how we all felt when Kuwait won the Gulf Cup in yemen


Kuwait, Yemen and Gulf Bank

Everyone was talking about how Yemenis were cheering Kuwait’s team at the Gulf Cup tournament, and how much they were genuinely happily cheering for us.

Then I saw this picture in the paper, where Gulf Bank was honoring it’s old employees. And it turns out that one of the honoree employees is Yemeni (just a coincidence), but it proves how the Yemeni people are in our hearts and in our homes.

Kuwait loves Yemen and gives you a big thank you… W sij sij magassartaw wiyyana.

Kuwait’s celebrates today at Stad Jaber الكويت تحتفل في استاد جابر

فرحة عبدالعزيز العنبري و عبدالرضا عباس بالفوز


  • Kuwait will celebrate it’s win of the Gulf Cup in Stad Jaber tonight.
  • The plane bringing in Kuwait’s football team players will land in Kuwait at 6 or 7, I’m not sure which terminal though.
  • Then the team will head on to Jaber Stadium for a night of celebrations.
  • Jaber Stadium doors will open early to the crowd, at 4 pm.

We won We won We won…Kuwait… Gulf Cup Champions

Kuwait beat saudi Arabia 1-0 to win the Gulf Cup.

Kuwait receiving the cup and dancing, from second # 35

First goal in the game, Kuwait vs Saudi 1-0 so far

We finally scored a goal, in extra time #1… We still have another 20 minutes to go… Allah yster inshalla.

Fight between Kuwaiti & Saudi players هوشة بين لاعبين الكويت و السعودية

It was just a short fight, thank god.

Kuwait vs. Saudi Arabia in Gulf Cup الكويت ضد السعودية خليجي ٢٠١٠

Update: Kuwait won the Gulf Cup, click here.

المباراة بين منتخب الكويت و منتخب السعودية على نهائي كأس الخليج في خليجي ٢٠١٠ اليوم الساعة ٦ مساء بتوقيت الكويت

Kuwait national football team plays against Saudi Arabia for the Cup in the final game of the Gulf Cup 2010 in Yemen. The game is on at 6 pm, and you can watch it on any 5aleeji Tv channel.

Good luck Kuwait, we’ll all cheering for you!!

Kuwait beat Iraq 7-6 in Gulf Cup

We’re going to the finals رايحيين النهائي