Thank you so much Mark 248am

Mark, of the magnificent 248am blog, has added me to his Apple app “Kuwait Blogs”. I am so happy and more than thrilled with his addition. To have my blog on his app is an achievement and an honor that goes beyond words of thanks and gratitude.

Mark’s app is a collection of some of 20 or so different Kuwaiti blogs, of different and varying interests. It is a very cool iPhone\iPad app that lets you surf all those different blogs in one single place.

Thank you Mark so much, you have made me feel very successful, and that has made me very happy. Again, thank you so much 🙂

This is the link to the “Kuwait Blog” app, courtesy of His&Hersq8 blog.

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***** Woohooo Woohoo Woohoo *****

I’ve hit 40,000 readers just now… That is one big milestone for me…. I wasn’t very happy with my 30,000 mark, not like how happy I was with my 10,000 and 20,000….. So this 40,000 is a huge deal for me. And this is also my 700th post, how that for a coincidence!

It took me 6 weeks to hit my 10,000 mark, and just over a month to hit the 20,000 mark. I still have another week before my 4 month anniversary, so it feels super great to hit to 40,000 a lot faster than I thought.

When I started blogging, I did it both as a hobby and as a reaction to all of my friends who wanted to blog. It’s still a hobby for me, but I am enjoying my time here like unbelievably. I’ve made a few blogger friendships whom I have to thank personally for making my experience ever so sweet:

  • Q8TravelBud. This guy was one of my 1st ever bloggers to comment and encourage me during my journey.
  • His&Hers. They were the 1st blogger I used to read, and know, to comment and encourage me.
  • The Weekly Argus. He was my first foreign blogging friend, EVER. I love this guy to death.
  • New Vision. This Saudi blogger is my first GCC blogging friend, bless heart till the end of time.
  • BabbleQ8. My first BlogRoll was on the hands of this young beauty.
  • BananaQ8. I love reading this blog, it’s so smooth and hadi, it’s such a breeze to go through it.
  • Frankom. Sheikh elbloggers is all I’ve got to say about this amazing, and very respectable, blogger.
  • Kaifan5. A very dear, and again very respectable, blogger; whom I value and cherish more than anyone would ever know.
  • Mark. Nothing else needs to be said about this guy. He is, hands down, the most sucessful blogger in Kuwait. It is such an honor and a lot more to have him quote me in one of his posts.

There are many many more whom I should thank personally, and I will do that in a later post inshalla.

My readers, whom I’ve gotten to know and love, are 3ala rasi men foug. You truly make my day, not to mention my blog. I love you. I really do.

Zain’s dancing tower in Bahrain with video

This is an update to my previous post about the dancing tower of Zain in Bahrain. kindly excuse the bad recording, I really don’t know how to shoot at night. Plus, the humidity in Bahrain killed my camera anyways. This is Zain’s building in Bahrain, btw.

This video is a personal response to both his and R. So please please please, don’t tell me you don’t like it. Even if it’s not true, just say you love it. It’s my first ever video after all!

Thank you om ToTa, my favorite B in the whole wide world

My best friend, and one of a handful of people who know about my blog, celebrated my one month blog anniversary today. She got me a Marron Glace cake from Opera, which we ended up eating in IKEA of all places.

She did everything behind my back. First she tells me she’s going to be a bit late, came up with a an excuse that made me wonder. Then she disappeared when I was ordering the food; to get the plates, forks, and kitchen knife from the IKEA people.

I go back to the table, and I see this Opera bag. And I’m like, what’s going on? Then she tells me “Mabrook”, and that she had wanted to do this ever since I reached 5,000 hits (now I’m at 7,500 mashalla). Then she decided to wait a couple of days till the actual anniversary.

This turned out great, because yesterday his&hers delivered the great news that I was on the top 10 Kuwaiti sites of the day, which is like WOW. So the celebration was double. And since we were going to IKEA anyways, she decided it would be ok to take the cake there.

We had a lovely time, we ate good food, and everyone enjoyed the relaxed quite atmosphere. Thank you B for making my anniversary and the great news even more special.

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OMG, no way, OMG OMG, I’m so happy :)))

Like I do almost everyday, I was reading his&hers blog. They were posting a list of the top 10 blogs on bootamba, the Kuwaiti blog aggregator site. I went through the list quickly, ironically noticing that the #1 blog is not Kuwaiti. I also noticed another non-Kuwaiti blog on the top 10 list, read about a few names I hadn’t known about before. The list was interesting and it’s nice to know who is popular.

Now, me being a new blogger, wouldn’t even think of having my name on a list like this. So I was totally relaxed and at ease reading the names. No pressure what so ever on my part.

Then I read his&hers other list, of the top bloggers of the day. And again, I went through the list. Seeing the names, remembering their sites, and so forth. Then I doubled back. Is that me on the list? Isn’t that my blog’s icon? That blue beach pic?

And since I’m fasting , which basically means half my brain is shut down; it took me more than a few seconds to double check. And what do you know, I was there on the list. That was a surprise for me. A very lovely precious surprise. It put the biggest smile on my face.

Thank you his&hers for making my day great.

Amazing Zain Ad for Pakistan on His&Hersq8

I just saw this Zain ad for the aid of Pakistan floods over at His&Hersq8 blog. It is an amazing ad, and I hope the message goes across that we need to help Pakistan, quickly.

Thanks His&Hers for this post and I hope you don’t mind me sharing your post.

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