Kuwait’s New Badalah on iTunes بدالة الكويت الجديدة على آيتونز


This is a great application, if you happen to experience problems with our beloved local 101 &1808080 operators.

I found this App especially useful when trying to located foreign named places in Kuwait. I can’t say it’s a great app, but it is a whole lot better than 101 or 1808080. Give it a try, especially before you pay the 100 obligatory fils for the 1808080 lousy SMS service. remember, iBadala is free of charge.

You can also add your own venues, which really means: the more people use it, the better it will get.

You can find it here at iBadala’s original website, or here at the iTunes store.

Thank you Noura M. for this lovely App recommendation. 


I’m Addicted to This Game

iSlash is an addictive iPhone game to tune up your ninja senses. Your finger is your weapon. Swipe to slash and have fun!

iSlash iTunes link

My Gift From VIVA

I just got a free iPhone 4 from VIVA. Earlier tonight, we were invited by VIVA to attend a special media meeting, in which they announced their exclusive deal with Apple to be the sole iPhone agent in Kuwait.

The event went for 2 hours, and included dinner and refreshments. The buz all around the venue was positive, we’ve all been complaining for a long time about the lack of a proper professional and authorised iPhone dealer. So this new piece of news by VIVA was great to hear.

I think the phone comes with a phone line, but I’m not sure. I haven’t opened the bags yet, so I can’t say for sure. But I’m assuming it came with a line, cause I would definitely think VIVA wants to get accurate feedback about the iPhone and its service.

Anyways, thank you VIVA, thank you May for inviting us. I would also like to add that it was a real pleasure meeting the CEO, he is charismatic, interesting, and you could talk to him for ages.

Thanks again VIVA.

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Free Jazeera sport app for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch

You can download a free Al-Jazeera Sport Channel app, and watch the channel live on your iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. This is a much better app than the Al-Kas one I posted about before.

Funny war on iPhone

This is a funny video of how the other phones started a war on the iPhone, and is dubbed in a cute Saudi accent.

Merry Christmas brought to you by the iBand

All the music was done by iPhones and iPads… Even though i don’t think this reggae music is christmasy, but it’s catchy and funky.

3D on your iPhone

Cool stuff.

One expensive Apple iPhone application

This has got to be one of the most expensive iPhone Apple applications out there. It’s Called iRa Pro, by LexTech Labs.

Thx again B.