Watch Hussni Mubarak’s speech Here

Taken from Kaifan5.


My First Ever Buddy on Twitter

I still remember it, like it was just last week. It was the lovely Basma from the yummy 13cups blog. She added me after I tweeted that I don’t have any followers yet, I thought that was very sweet of her.

Then Life and work got busy, and me and 13cups don’t seem to catch up a lot these days. 7asafa. But anyways, I just wanted to send Basma a big thank you for being friendly and nice.

Want to know who your first follower was? Then click here. Thx Kaifan5 for the lovely tip.

I stole this post from Kaifan5 for my s3oodi friends

In all of the hype and 7ammas of last night’s win, I completely forgot about my Saudi friends (even my new friend\blogger, new vision). That was rude of me, I completely forgot that they were sad and mad at us for beating them.

So when I saw this vid over at kaifan5, I couldn’t help my self from stealing it (sorry wallah, bs tara killah men el7maaas elzayd bilfouz).

So here goes my dear Saudi friends, buddies, and 7abayib…. This video is gona cheer you up, and it’s done by a Saudi. So yala, be proud w kesh5aw 3alaina… 5aleejuna wa7d after all 🙂

***** Woohooo Woohoo Woohoo *****

I’ve hit 40,000 readers just now… That is one big milestone for me…. I wasn’t very happy with my 30,000 mark, not like how happy I was with my 10,000 and 20,000….. So this 40,000 is a huge deal for me. And this is also my 700th post, how that for a coincidence!

It took me 6 weeks to hit my 10,000 mark, and just over a month to hit the 20,000 mark. I still have another week before my 4 month anniversary, so it feels super great to hit to 40,000 a lot faster than I thought.

When I started blogging, I did it both as a hobby and as a reaction to all of my friends who wanted to blog. It’s still a hobby for me, but I am enjoying my time here like unbelievably. I’ve made a few blogger friendships whom I have to thank personally for making my experience ever so sweet:

  • Q8TravelBud. This guy was one of my 1st ever bloggers to comment and encourage me during my journey.
  • His&Hers. They were the 1st blogger I used to read, and know, to comment and encourage me.
  • The Weekly Argus. He was my first foreign blogging friend, EVER. I love this guy to death.
  • New Vision. This Saudi blogger is my first GCC blogging friend, bless heart till the end of time.
  • BabbleQ8. My first BlogRoll was on the hands of this young beauty.
  • BananaQ8. I love reading this blog, it’s so smooth and hadi, it’s such a breeze to go through it.
  • Frankom. Sheikh elbloggers is all I’ve got to say about this amazing, and very respectable, blogger.
  • Kaifan5. A very dear, and again very respectable, blogger; whom I value and cherish more than anyone would ever know.
  • Mark. Nothing else needs to be said about this guy. He is, hands down, the most sucessful blogger in Kuwait. It is such an honor and a lot more to have him quote me in one of his posts.

There are many many more whom I should thank personally, and I will do that in a later post inshalla.

My readers, whom I’ve gotten to know and love, are 3ala rasi men foug. You truly make my day, not to mention my blog. I love you. I really do.