Kanye West follows just one person on Twitter

Kanye West may have like 700,000 followers on his Twitter account but is only following one single person, and that is the mighty Justin Bieber.

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Kanye West might perform on VMA’a after embarrassing Taylor Swift last year

It seems that Kanye West might perform at this year’s MTV VMA awards. It is a shocking thing, considering his drunk rudeness to the sweet Taylor Swift last year.

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Kanye West’s new Video “Power”

Here is a glimpse of Kanye West’s new single “Power”.

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Kanye West new album comes out this November

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According to MTV, Kanye West’s latest album is coming out sometime this November. More importantly, his next single might come a lot sooner, towards the end of this month!

I know he’s super famous and all; but for me, he’s more known for his collaborations with Yaj-Z\Rihanna and Chris Brown (and for his super hot boldie girlfriend).