No No No Ya KDD مستانسين بعمركم يعني؟

I saw this first on iLsul6ana, and it made me feel very sad to see such beautiful  childhood icons be destroyed like this. KDD shouldn’t have done this. OUr memories are all built around these ice creams with the cute Kuwaiti names.


KDD Strawberry cheesecake ice cream

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I wrote a while back about KDD introducing a new ice cream flavor called Strawberry Cheesecake. I didn’t get to try it then because I was on a diet back, and I decided the ice cream could wait a bit to get tasted.

I am so glad I waited. I had a small teaspoon taste of the new flavor this morning, and I was so shocked that it tasted horrible. The flavor was so bad, I don’t know how a huge Co. like KDD could’ve approved it.

  • The cheesecake pieces are crispy and dry, like bad crunchy biscuit.
  • The strawberry is actually strawberry sauce, that tastes both bitter and disgusting.
  • The only good thing I can say about this new flavor, is that the ice cream it self tastes somewhat ok, so you don’t have to throw up after you get taste shock.

In summary, do not buy this ice cream. It’s bad, like really really really amazingly unbelievably bad.

Now also keep in mind  that I’m sick with the flu, and I’ve been sick for more than 10 days now. So maybe my taste buds aren’t working normally? Because of this, I would suggest that you buy a tiny small container of the ice cream, and taste it out for yourself.

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KDD Strawberry cheese cake icecream

Found this new KDD strawberry cheesecake ice cream in Qadsiya branch. Wow. I’m on diet, so I can’t taste it and tell you what I think of it yet.

But it looks delicious 🙂

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My cure for today’s heat

It’s been a while since I went out noon time. And as my luck would have it, today was an overly hot day. So I had to pass by the supermarket for good ol’ ice lollies.

Since it’s also been a while since I had these, I got a whole bag of creamy ice cream, not ice lollies like I wanted. Thank god, KDD’s rocket saved my day.

Hope you all get some lollies too, they’re dirt cheap and super delicious…

Yummy KDD Ice cream

With all the new and fancy Ice cream and frozen yogurt palces opening up in Kuwait, it becomes easy to for get old, tasty, yummy classics. KDD Ice cream is one of them. Almost all of the Ice cream products are tasty, cheap, and proven favorites for all teh family.

You can have KDD home deliver to you by calling +965-1802277, or you can pop in their shop in Shuwaikh Industrial area for an instant 10% discount (Shuwaikh Tel 24835422). And KDD is now offering a totally new service, where they cater ice cream. You can reach this new service on 99029381.

Enjoy & bonne appetite.