Charlie Sheen Interviews Qaddafi & John Galliano

This is a clip from the past week’s SNL episode.


Oh come on!!

Lindsay Lohan should be thanking her stars that she doesn’t live in Thailand, Turky, or even anywhere outside of the states. In any other country, she would be probably be facing several life sentences for her drug legal issues.

Instead of appreciating the sweet sentence of like 20 days in some 5 star counseling thing; she goes out and fails several drug tests. Come on Lindsay, get a grip already.

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Lindsay Lohan released early from rehab, conditions apply

Check who’s out. Lindsay lohan was released from her UCLA rehab place, after spending just 23 days of her 90 day sentence. That’s great news for her, but it seems that there are like a zillion conditions for her release. Here, have a look:

  • Stay put in LA.
  • Random drug and alcohol testing twice a week.
  • AA meetings 5 times a week.
  • Chemical substance (Don’t know what this is) 7 times a week.
  • Go to therapy 4 times a week.
  • Go to behavioral therapy (don’t know what that is either) like twice a week.

That sounds like too much hard work, and a lot of annoying hours. On the upside, she might get $1 million for her 1st interview after being out.

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