Ramadan TV shows & mosalsalat Apple application just got cheaper

I had posted earlier about this cool Mosalsalat Ramadan application in Apple’s App Store, which was selling for $1.99.

I was checking the app store again this morning, when I noticed that the price came down to $.99. I guess they reduced the price after Ramadan started, lucky us.

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Al-Watan TV Ramadan TV shows line up

Update: Click here to see where to watch the shows online.

Looks like a good show line up for all you TV fans out there. Picture taken from here.

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Just found a Ramadan TV shows & mosalsalat Apple application

Update available here.

I was browsing Apple’s app store,looking for Ramadan calendars, and found this little application. It gives u show names, timings, and details; all for just $1.99.

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