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حسافة… شان زين قايلة ١:٣ و الحكم شاهد، شان الحين تلفون فيفا بمخباتي

Visca Barca & Hardluck Man U همن ألف مبروك، كفاية برشا فاز و مانو خسر… هاردلك مان يونايتد


Wayne Rooney might be leaving Manchester United

It looks like Manchester united’s main striker, Wayne Rooney, will most likely leave the team. Maybe as soon as this January, according to several newspapers.

Rooney was left out of the team’s last game, and that has led to heated discussions with the Man United’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. In addition, Rooney was also tied to a scandalous sexual stories during the past month, which has shed a lot of negative publicity about the 24-year old player.

Rooney will most likely transfer to Real Madrid, to join his old Man U’s team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.