My review of the Halloum McMuffin

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I tried McDonald’s Halloum McMuffin the other day. I ordered a meal, which comes with a drink and a hash brown for just Kd 1.

The muffin was light and tasted ok. The cheese was a bit rubbery for my taste, but on the good side, the whole muffin was super light and a surprise alternative to the other McMuffins. You should note though that the Oregano used is actually za3tar, but without the Sesame seeds. After I had this one, all other muffins tasted oily and heavy.

I would definitely have the Halloum McMuffin again.


McDonald’s Halloum McMuffin

Say hello to McDo’s latest local addition, the Haloum McMuffin. I already had breakfast today, otherwise, I would’ve totally gone to try it out.

What fast food really looks like

Shameful is all I can say!

McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s is a great place to have your breakfast. They offer a collection of muffins, pan cakes, patties, and egg. If you ever happen to eat it on their Gulf Rd branch, then you will also benefit from an amazing view of Kuwait’s coastline.

And you can’t beat the price. It’s so damn cheap, and you get a free coffee refill too.

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McDonald’s in Kuwait

Unlike my previous post where everything looks delicious on the menu, McDonald’s in Kuwait isn’t that appetizing. In fact, terrible is a better description for it.

Look at the Fish-o-Fillet. They cut the cheese slice in half, and put just one half on the sandwich? If so, then why would they charge 800 fils for an incomplete sandwich like this? Isn’t that close to $3 for just a sandwich and half a cheese slice? And what about the coke. I ask for a diet, and this is what they give me? Stingy ingrdients, terrible fries, bad fish sandwich, and even worse Mc-Chicken.

I won’t say I would never eat at McDonald’s again, that would be a lie. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be going there any time soon.

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McDonald in the States

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Look at these gorgeous pictures. Don’t you want to go to McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and for everything in between?

Our local menus suck in comparison. Do we even have half the stuff here? I don’t think so. Bummer.

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