I want to go to 3omra

I would love to go to 3omra, like a 2 day short trip. I was checking out the hotels over there, and it appears that 3 new hotels have opened up in the huge Abraj Al-Bait complex (that also houses the world’s largest clock). The hotels are Raffles, the Fairmont, and the Movenpick.

So dear readers, does any of you have any information about these new hotels? I usually stay in Intercontinental Dar Al-Tawhid, which is literally inside the Haram. I love how I leave the lobby and immediately enter Al-Haram gate.

So about the new hotels, are they that close to Al-Haram too? What about walking distance from the lobby to the gates of Al-Haram?

I really need your help with this 🙂


Haj to Mecca in 1953

This video is of old pictures taken from National Geographoc magazine, of the Haj pilgrimage in 1953. They are just amazing. I got shivers when I realized that people could go insode the Ka3ba Al-Mosharifa in those days. How lucky are they?

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Ka3ba’s new keswa كسوة الكعبة الجديدة

Yesterday was the day they change the keswa of elKa3ba elmosharrafa, and this is one of the first pictures of the new keswa.

Here is my previous post about the new keswa.

The changing of Qa3ba Kiswa tomorrow كسوة الكعبة يوم الغد

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باكر راح يكون موعدنا مع كسوة الكعبة انشاءالله

Tomorrow will be the day they change and renew the kiswa of Al-Qa3ba Al-Mosharrafa inshalla

You can watch the ceremony live and online

  • The Kiswa costs 20 million SR, roughly $5.5 million.
  • It’s made from natural silk
  • It’s length is 47 meters, it’s height is 14 meters long which includes a 95 cm strip that has the Quran verses in threads of gold.

Haj Train\Monorail only for Saudis & Kuwaitis

It turns out that the new Mecca-Haj monorail system will only be used by Saudis,Kuwaitis, and Bahrainis this year. Great news for us, I guess. A huge thank you goes to Saudi Arabia for making Haj easier for us this year, that was nice of them.

If you’re interested in going to Haj this year

…دار التوحيد و طيارة خاصة على عيني و راسي…. أموت و أشوف شلون بيوفرون الخصوصية التامة في المناسك، مع الثلاث مليون حاج أو أكثر

!!تكفون فهّموني

3eed prayer from el7aram elsahreef on MBC 1

MBC 1 is airing 3eed prayer men el7aram el-sahreef… The channel is now playing Mohammad Abdo’s La Ilaha ellah ellah nasheed, written by my favorite Islamic Sh. 3ayeth Al-Qarrani.

All I can say is it’s powerful.

Since I’m not in kuwait and don’t even know where to go here in bahrain, I decided to watch it on MBC 1.

It’s starting on MBC 1, go watch it if you’re not going to a mosque like me.

Kuwait Airways offers to 3omra to Mecca in Ramadan

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Kuwait Airways has issued it’s price listing for 2 and 3 night 3omra offers to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, this Ramadan, You get to chose when you want to go, beginning of month or mid month; weekends or weekdays; and which hotel you want. They have a huge choice of hotels including Intercontinental Dar Al-Tawheed, Hilton Mecca, Grand Zamzam, Le Meridien Mecca, and Hilton Mecca Towers. And there are many other hotels too.

Have a look at the offers, they are good.