BlackBerry Messenger is back in Saudi Arabia

It seems that RIM and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement in their BlackBerry ban dispute. RIM will place a server in Saudi Arabia, which will solve SA’s security issues.

The ban was supposed to start yesterday (Friday) midnight. The BB service was cutoff from ome people, but not all. My friend in Al-Dammam had her service cut, while my other friend in Jeddah had it on. I didn’t have the heart to tell the Damami friend that her luck sucked.

Anyways, alf mabrook for Saudis and elfal to UAE too.

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Saudi Arabia bans Blackberry Messenger, UAE bans ALL BB services

Everyone knows that the UAE will be suspending all BB services starting from Oct 11 this year. That isn’t exactly news about the UAE.

What I’m trying to grasp is Saudi Arabia also banning the BB? Almost everything on the net indicates so, but none of my saudi friends have said anything to me yet.

It appears that the UAE will ban ALL Blackberry services, which includes BB messenger, email, and web browser. While Saudi is rumored to ban only the BB messeger.

For some reason, the Saudi ban is making me sad. I don’t know why that is. Maybe because if Saudi bans the BB, then Kuwait might be follow?