WTH?… صكوا القبس بعين ماصلت على النبي

Come on Al-Qabas. You can’t be serious. You’re begging people to comment. Marriage financing by one of the world’s leading banks?

You should be advocating the strengths of the Kuwaiti economy, the historical heritage of it, how more advanced and efficient it is than all the other regional markets; not entertain such ridiculous and silly ideas.


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Coin

  • This special royal coin costs £10, with a face value of £5.
  • It has been approved by both the bride and the groom, AND the Queen who appears on the coin’s other side.

عاجبكم الوضع؟

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Mabrook 6ai7at elbor9a مالت على الأسهم

قولولي…. هل هذا قبول؟ علموني شنهي أسعار النفط اليوم؟ ما شنها زايدة من ٧٠ دولار لين فوق ال ١٠٠  السنة هذي؟

فهموني شللي قاعد يصير بالبورصة؟  انا كمستثمر حاطة ثقتي بأسهم البنوك، مو شركات النخي و الحب…. شلون تفسرولي هالخساير الغير منطقية؟

How in the hell do my shares in NBK and KFH both drop by 60-160 fils in a month? Whilst at the same time watch Kuwait’s oil price has go up by more than 50%?

I don’t speculate. I don’t invest in non-operational companies. I don’t even look at non-viable sectors. I invest in solid, loaded with profits banks. Don’t tell me I didn’t do my homework. There is no reason for me losing hard earned money.

How do you explain these loses to me? I worked hard for my money to stand quite to see it evaporate like this.

This has been going on for a long time now, ever since August 2008. That is quite a long time for investors to stay quite. Enough is enough.

Ya 7ukooma, get your act together and do something. NOW!!

This is totally unacceptable!!!!

The Most Beautiful Button Press Ever from Sh. Subah

الله يعزك يا اميرنا و يطولنا بعمرك يا شيخنا العود

Sh. Sabah pressed the money transfer button for the Men7a, and it’s the largest single money transfer in the world.

My own Men7a

Thank you Baba Sabah شكرا بابا صباح

Picture credit update: I’m taking back my thx to my twitter buddy who sent me a half pic, without credit. It turns out that this wonderful KD 1,000 note was done by Kuwaitiful, you can check it out on his site.