Jersey Shore meets Sesame St.

This is what a show would look like if you merged Jersey Shore and Sesame St. together. It’s pretty hilarious.

I don’t know what’s with me and Sesame St. these days; but their videos with Katy Perry, Will.I.Am and True Blood are very entertaining.

Check out the Sesame St. videos of Katy Perry, True Blood, and SNL Elmo spoof.

Enjoy them.


Justin Bieber wins MTV VMA award, sorta

Look at this adorable picture. It looks like Justin Bieber won his first MTV VMA award, but the award show is not on till next month.

What MTV did is that they shot a short bio on Bieber’s rise from a youtube sensation to the fame of a blown out pop star. I guess we have to wait and see if he does actually win his 1st moon-man trophy.

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Kanye West might perform on VMA’a after embarrassing Taylor Swift last year

It seems that Kanye West might perform at this year’s MTV VMA awards. It is a shocking thing, considering his drunk rudeness to the sweet Taylor Swift last year.

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Avatar 2 AND 3 are in the horizon

James Cameron, the director of Avatar, has told MTV that there might be 2 sequels to last year’s blockbuster hit Avatar. And that the 2 sequels might be shot back-to-back.

Kanye West new album comes out this November

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According to MTV, Kanye West’s latest album is coming out sometime this November. More importantly, his next single might come a lot sooner, towards the end of this month!

I know he’s super famous and all; but for me, he’s more known for his collaborations with Yaj-Z\Rihanna and Chris Brown (and for his super hot boldie girlfriend).

Lady GaGa becomes Queen GaGa

The MTV Video Music Award nominees were announced last night, and Lady GaGa is leading the pack with all time record of 13 nominations. She’s also the 1st performer ever to be nominated for 2 best videos of the year, for “Bad Romance” and “Telephone“.

Eminem is also up for 8 awards with his “Recovery” album.

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