Lady Gaga’s Latest Single: Hair

I like Lady Gaga’s latest single, Hair, more than I liked her other new single, Judas.


Get the Top New Singles for just ¢69 at Amazon

Yesterday afternoon, while browsing amazon trying to find a Hollister gift card of all things, I stumbled on this amazing top singles prices.

You have to check this out. Over at amazon, you can get all the top hits, chart toppers, for just ¢69 a song. That’s a savings of almost 50% over iTunes of $1.29, quite a saving to tell you the truth.

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Rihanna’s Latest Single “S&M”

Rihanna’s new song is actually nice and catchy, not bad at all. However, S&M’s music video is an entirely different story, I think the vid is too racy for regular TV.

Btw, you can to sign in to youtube in order to view the video, to make sure you’re 18+ 😉

Ke$ha’s latest single with Andre 3000

Sleazy is Ke$ha’s latest single Sleazy, which she made with Andre 3000.

Ricky Martin’s new music video with a mo7ajaba lady

“The Best thing About Me is You” is Ricky Martin’s latest music video, and it looks very political. It starts with a lady in 7ijab, which caught my attention. I watched the whole video hoping to know what was her story.

I don’t really know what I think of the song so far. It’s an easy listen with a happy beat to it, but it doesn’t sound like Ricky at all. There’s nothing wrong with the song, but it’s very simple in tunes and in lyrics.

However, in the end, it’s a very politically positive and pro-peace video, and that just might be it’s ticket to the top charts.

Kylie Minogue’s banned music video

Kylie Minogue’s latest music video “All the Lovers” was banned by several Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The music video was deemed too sexy to air, as it includes semi-naked people and gay kissing. Well, I’m sure the people in Southast Asia will have no problem watching the banned video on MTV or the net.

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Lady Gaga’s new single comes out next month

Lady Gaga just announced that her new album is coming out in May, and that her new single is coming next month. The album will be released on May 23d, while the single will be released much earlier on Feb 13th.

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Michael Jackson’s Breaking News – Full song

I posted before about a new single for Michael Jackson called Breaking News, that’s coming out on his new album next month. What I posted was a short teaser, this is the song’s full version. Enjoy!