Great morning & Funny Office Chart

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Big shock: The Expendables is on top

What do you know; the testosterone filled, 80’s machoism, full of bloody action, filled with old geezer actors movie that is called The Expendables is on top at the box office. The Expendables opened on friday, and has already made more than $35 Million in just 2 days.

Sylvester Stallone ya Rambo ya Rocky enta.

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The Other Guys movie bumped Inception for the #1 spot

After spending 3 weeks at #1 in box office return, Inception finally lost ground to the cop comedy movie The Other Guys starring Will Farrell and Mar Wahlberg.

The Other Guys made it to #1 with total revenue of $35 Million, with good reviews too, which is quite astonishing for a Farrell movie.

Don’t feel too for Inception, because it has made $477 Million so far since it’s release 3 weeks ago!

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Enjoyed my Inception Movie

Remember my last post about the movie Inception? Well, I finally got to watch it today, in 360 Mall.

The film was long at almost 2 and a half hours; but it also was entertaining and challenging. It goes without saying that the plot, screen play, scenes, and acting was top notch. And the killer point of the movie is trying to figure out what’s going on during the whole time. If you’re like me, the light romantic comedy types, then you’ll get lost following the movie very early on; like I did.

But still, the movie was good, and the acting was excellent. The shooting and the violence was at a minimum. It was well worth my time. Apparently, it was also worth the time of a lot of people, since Inception is still topping the Box Office Revenues.

Must see Inception now

I’m not much for going to the movies in Kuwait, especially after they re-instated the dreadful half time break; as if watching a movie from a seated position is too strenuous for us. But after reading zDistrict’s post about Inception, I so want to go see it! Especially after it beat Salt for 1st place in Box Office returns.