The dancing tower of Zain

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Zain’s building in Bahrain is just like Burj Al-Arab in dubai and the Al-Ta2meenat building in Kuwait, with dancing lights changing colors all the time.

I tried to take a few pics of the tower, at night. But i’m not really a good photographer, so I ended up with these pics of a dancing Zain building. I hope you enjoy them. They should be fun to look at.


Airplane with funny instruction labels

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Kulula is a South African airline company that doesn’t take its planes very seriously, look at the pictures and feel free to smile.

Got this by email, thanks RS.

Just stop fighting, see what you lost

I saw this picture, and it’s really sad how Palestine lost that much land over the years. They almost had all of Palestine to them selves in the 1940s, and just look at what’s left now.

To all you guys out there, is this the new 2011 Corvette?

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I got these pictures about pimped up Corvettes. New modern cars, modeled over old designs. And yes, these corvettes look slightly different, and a whole lot prettier, than the 2011 models Chevrolet sells on the official Corvette site.

They’re done by Special Missions Trading and their phone numbers are KSA +966 -550009111 & KWT +965-99958465, and prices are KD 17,500 for both the Coupe and Convertible models.

Great site to check hotel pictures

I just found this great site that has thousands of real pictures of hotel rooms, facilities, and premises. hotel room pictures are taken by their staff, and are not the photoshopped\edited pictures you might usually find in hotels’ official websites. It gives you the real picture of whatever hotel you’re checking.

I hope I explained what Oyster really does. In plain words; if you want to know how the room really looks like in the hotel you want to stay in, this Oyster site is what you should check out first. It was featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, and many others. So you know this site is reliable.

I was checking out the Crosby Street Hotel in New York, and the above pictures is a partial screen shot of their picture album of this hotel. As you can see, it is extensive and detailed, and clear too.

The only downside thing about Oyster is that it’s mostly exclusive to the USA and some of the vacations islands like the caribbean and Virgin Isles.

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Vuvuzela has landed in Kuwait in AlRoudan Ramadan Football Tournament

The mighty noisy thing that is called a Vuvuzela has reached Kuwait, and it looks fun to use.

These pictures were taken at Al-Roudan Ramadan Football Tournament, which is running in it’s 31st year this Ramadan. You can join their Facebook group here.

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Lady GaGa goes super crazy

Check the news for your self!

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Do you want to see this while having lunch?

What do you think? Appetite opener or suppressor?

I just think it’s scary.