A weird thing happened in Bahrain today

While I was still at Bahrain Airport, I noticed some people being investigated. Like a proper Kuwaiti, I pretended not to notice, till a nice gentleman from their security called on me.

I felt weird, so like a Kuwaiti, I asked him shilsalfa? He then asked if I was Bahrini, I proudly said I was Kuwaiti. So he just let me go, just like that. Apparently, they are actually checking Bahrinies, after the nasty terrorists activities they had a few days ago.

I have got to say this one more time, I am so proud to be a Kuwaiti. And I love our Parliament, not the MPs; but I do feel that the Parliament along side with our esteemed Government is behind the respect we get world wide.

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Obama AND Angelina Jolie against burning of Quran

It’s not just Angelina Jolie who is against the proposed burning of the Holy Quran, even though she’s more important in terms of public opinion.

President Obama definitely  is totally against it, as is a lot of the world. Groups from different religions, none the less, are also against the stupid act of burning the Holy Quran on the 9th anniversary of 9\11. President Obama has requested that the pastor of the Florida church initializing the burning, via Good Morning America, to “listen to those better angels”.

What did the pastor think of what reaction him day of burning the Quran would bring?

Muslims are, in large, an ignorant people. If you burn the Holy Quran, they will have no option but to retaliate. For us, Islam is the 3rd and FINAL Abrahamic Religion. The amount of violent reaction expected would over way whatever  good he thought the burning would bring.

And I have to add a personal note, NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS. Actually, the majority of us are peaceful and all for peaceful negotiation of sensitive issues. I am sick of repeating this phrase. And, for God’s sake, the Holy Quran, is OFF LIMITS.

Anyways, I am proud to say that the event lead by a Florida church has been CANCELLED.

Arid w agool, America lil7een eb5air, thank god.

Sheikh Naser Al-Mohammad’s interview on Kuwait TV

Our Prime Minister, Sh. Nasser, went on Kuwait TV and made his first ever public interview.

  • This interview is very important; because it’s one of the few times that a PM does a public interview in Kuwait, and because it gives Sh. Nasser a clear chance to explain his point of view directly to Kuwaitis.
  • The public opinion of Sh. Nasser is that he’s weak and is easily steered and guided away, that he tends to revert to courts to deal with his opposers rather than face their accusations, and that he doesn’t have the capabilities to run the government. All of these have all added to Kuwaitis’ frustration with Sh. Nasser, and to doubt his ability to run the government in these sensitive times.
  • In his interview, he managed to erase a lot of these negative opinions of him.
  • Whether you agree or not with Sh. Nasser; you can’t neglect the confidence he showed, the respectful and strong opinions he had about the constitution and democracy, or his clear intelligence.
  • Have a look at a few articles and editorials I picked up from the local papers this morning to get a feeling of how strong the political arena is reacting to Sh. Nasser’s interview.

Good luck Sh. Nasser, and  thank you for your interview. You have once again proved that Kuwait is truly ahead of others in our region. We can all be proud that we still have an open, free, and safe country; in which can question anyone without fear.

You can watch part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of his interview.

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Kuwaiti Martyr Asrar Al-Gabandi الشهيدة أسرار القبندي

I saw this video on Framkom’s blog. I’m sorry for stealing it from Frankom, but I feel Asrar Al-Gabandi deserves to be remembered and recognized by everyone for her sacrifice to Kuwait.

Thank you Frankom for writing about her and putting this excellent video. Here is a very good article about our hero.

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Ghazi Al-Qusaibi in Kuwait’s heart الكويت لن تنسى غازي القصيبي

As most of you know by know, Dr. Ghazi Al-Qusaibi, has died yesterday morning. He was a Saudi politician, academic, ambassador, and minister. He also was a poet, an author, and a writer. More than he was one of Kuwait’s heros.

He was one of the first Arab writers to use his writing talents in the defence of Kuwait against the Iraqi Invasion in 1990. There isn’t a Kuwaiti that doesn’t know his famous patriotic Poem “أقسمت يا كويت”. It’s a very strong poem that came out during the 1st days of the invasion, at the most needed time. You can watch Al-Qusaibi recite it in the above video, that was taking in his 1st visit back to Kuwait after its liberation in 1991.

It makes me feel proud that we in Kuwait have not forgotten him, local Kuwaiti papers placed the news of his death and how big his loss is on their front page: Al-Jareeda, Al-Qabas, Al-Watan, and Al-Rai. Dr Al-Qusaibi did deserve to be on page one.

Another important community that remembered Al-Qusaibi, and paid him the respect he deserves, is the Kuwaiti blogging community. Some of the most highly followed bloggers wrote great things about the deceased: Frankom, Bait El-Grain, Bint Al-Shamiya, and ilsul6ana.

Kuwait is sad about the death of Dr. Ghazi, and he will always have a special place in our hearts.

اللهم ارحم غازي القصيبي

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Condoleezza Rice joins the music industry

Look who’s becoming a new musician. Former US State Foreign affairs secretary ( i.e. wazeerat el5ariji), Dr. Condoleezza Rice joined the legendary and ever so big Aretha Franklin on stage for a charity event last night. Condoleezza played the piano, while Aretha sang “Say a Little prayer for me”. And they say that Rice was actually really really good on the piano. The event was a charity for Inner City Youth in Philadelphia. The video can be found here.

Condoleezza has played the piano for the Queen of England before, so now playing for the Queen of Soul doesn’t sound so daunting or scary I guess.

Btw, Aretha Franklin was named the # 1 all time singer by the Rolling Stones magazine; Beating Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, and Bob Dylan.

Leaked Pentagon Confidential documents

Looks like the Pentagon lost some confidential papers. Luckily, review of leaked papers concludes no secrets were revealed.

WikiLeaks is a website that has published more than 91,000 secret US Military documents, covering military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The site also covers other hot topics; such as Scientology, Henry Kissinger’s Middle East peace talks, and American profiling and investigation of foreign ambassadors to the USA.