Do you think this is true or made up? A GIANT goldfish

I really don’t know, but the Daily Mail is a reasonably reliable paper, so the giant goldfish might just be real.


Life like Tatto

No comment; except it looks real and painful!

The dancing tower of Zain

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Zain’s building in Bahrain is just like Burj Al-Arab in dubai and the Al-Ta2meenat building in Kuwait, with dancing lights changing colors all the time.

I tried to take a few pics of the tower, at night. But i’m not really a good photographer, so I ended up with these pics of a dancing Zain building. I hope you enjoy them. They should be fun to look at.

Funny Sudanese Article

Sa5eefa but still hilarious.

Great morning & Funny Office Chart

Hilarious, silly, funny, true, scary, depressing….etc.

A whole room in a Box

This is an actual product for people of on the move, from a company called Casulo. The design is so ingenious.

8 watch ads in Al-Watan vs 6 two days ago

I posted two days ago about the huge number of watch ads in Al-Watan newspaper, which were 6 ads the other day. Today’s Al-Watan has an eve bigger ad numbers, at 8. I still don’t get the fuss about watches. I’m sure there are other better gift\accessory idea out there.

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Wana buy a new watch for 3eed?

In today’s Al-Watan’s newspaper edition, I spotted a huge number of ads for watches. Is it the new thing now? That we buy watches to celebrate 3eed or something? I counted a total of 6 ads in just one issue.

Anyone looking for a watch? I know one of my friends gave e a headache yesterday trying to decided what watch to get, I guess this post is for u H.

Older posts about shopping are here, here, here, and here.