You can never get bored with Al-Watan newspaper

I have to admit something. I don’t get Al-Watan newspaper at home, for many many reasons excluding its’ owner’s reputation. But I still check it out everyday online. And it never ceases to amaze me how it dramatically embellish headlines.

This is a perfect example. We are all over the moon with 3eed being finally here, BUt here is Al-Watan twisting its dramatic spice into current events.

It’s still a very enjoyable newspaper, especially with its ads.


3eed prayer from el7aram elsahreef on MBC 1

MBC 1 is airing 3eed prayer men el7aram el-sahreef… The channel is now playing Mohammad Abdo’s La Ilaha ellah ellah nasheed, written by my favorite Islamic Sh. 3ayeth Al-Qarrani.

All I can say is it’s powerful.

Since I’m not in kuwait and don’t even know where to go here in bahrain, I decided to watch it on MBC 1.

It’s starting on MBC 1, go watch it if you’re not going to a mosque like me.

160,000 people go to Lailat Al-Qadar 27th Ramadan at Grand Mosque Kuwait

More than 160,000 people prayed last night at Kuwait’s Grand Mosque. The night of 27th of Ramadan is very special, it is said to be Lailat AlQadar, that is better than a 1,000 months.

Allah eytaqabal menhum w mennah inshalla.

Pictures are taken from Al-Qabas and Al-Jareeda, click in the pictures for details.

Julia Roberts is a Hindu

Apparently; Julia Roberts is a Hindu, goes to a (buddhist – deleted) hindu temple, chants and prays hindu style, and has given her kids Hindu names.

Update: It turns out Hinduism and Buddhism are 2 different religions, thanks Jonolan.