BlackBerry services will NOT be suspended in the UAE

A couple of months ago, the UAE had threatened to suspend all BlackBerry services, if the manufacturer RIM didn’t apply local security measures. The UAE gave local Telecom companies a two month period to enforce the BB ban.

Luckily, RIM was able to apply all required security measures, and thus the BB service will not be banned in the UAE.

Great news to everyone, living in or traveling to the UAE.


BlackBerry Messenger is back in Saudi Arabia

It seems that RIM and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement in their BlackBerry ban dispute. RIM will place a server in Saudi Arabia, which will solve SA’s security issues.

The ban was supposed to start yesterday (Friday) midnight. The BB service was cutoff from ome people, but not all. My friend in Al-Dammam had her service cut, while my other friend in Jeddah had it on. I didn’t have the heart to tell the Damami friend that her luck sucked.

Anyways, alf mabrook for Saudis and elfal to UAE too.

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Indonesia joins the ban on BlackBerry

It now seems that Indonesia is also joining Saudi Arabia and the UAE in their ban on BlackBerry devices. RIM’s shares have gone down 4% a days for 2 consecutive days, and have lost almost $3 billion in value.

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New Blackberry Torch might not be that great

RIM announced yesterday it’s latest Blackberry device, the Torch 9800. Well, it now seems that the device is not all that great; and will not be able to compete with either the iPhone 4 or Android phones.

  • Screen resolution is lousy @ 360 x 480 is no match to iPhone 4’s 960 x 640, iPhone’s pixels are too small to be seen with the naked eye.
  • Slow processor speed of just 624 MHz, where as most of the competitions runs on 1 GHz. This makes the Torch’s performance a little sluggish.
  • Hardware is clumsy and very plastic-like.

Blackberry has been seeing slower sales in recent months, and the Torch was the phone that should’ve fixed that. But with a slower processor, lesser-quality screen, and a difficult app-store; the Torch doesn’t seem to be able to drive RIM’s sales forward as wished.

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New Blackberry 9800 Torch comes out, with touchscreen

RIM announced today the latest Blackberry phone called Torch, the 9800. It’s a touchscreen phone with a slide-out keyboard. It will operate on the latest BB OS, OS6.

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New Touch screen BlackBerry might be announced next week

Update: New Torch announced.

The buzz around the net these days is all about the new Touch Screen blackBerry 9800, using the new OS6.

Research In Motion, the makers of BlackBerries, aren’t commenting about anything. But they will be a having an exclusive BB event next week on August 3. Apparently, there is some kind of truth behind the rumors, since RIM’s share went up by almost 5% once the event was announced.

BlackBerry is trying to introduce a new touch-screen high-end device, that can compete with the likes of the iPhone and the Android based devices. Specifically as a net browser and an application tool.