Schools and Universities Cancelled Today

Kids should stay home, the ministry has cancelled all schools for today, on account of the strong duststorm. Kuwait University also cancelled today’s lectures.

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Cars Running Away from Friday’s Sandstorm

I think this would be the first time, since the invasion, that cars drove in the wrong way, and it was very clever of people to run away like that.

Watch the video to the end, it’ll take you on a journey into the middle of the sandstorm. I want to warn you, it’s a little scary.

Ma7ad A7san men A7ad

This was taken in Dubai a few hours ago. Allah ey3eenhum inshalla.

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Why Airplanes Got Grounded Yesterday

This picture was taken in the middle of yesterday’s sandstorm. No wonder Kuwait Airport got shut off for travel. I wouldn’t want to be flying in the middle of this at all.

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